Sunsign Compatibility of
Libra boy and Virgo girl

It is not a typical union. Virgo is earth element. Libra is air element. Therefore it is quite clear that it is not a usual combination at any cost.

In spite of that both of you have some good features to share with each other. You praise Virgos practicality and realism. You love to analyze anything. And Virgo does the same. Libra as well as Virgo praises each other for the great dressing sense.

An important conflicting part is Virgo native is only happy if he or she gets success to produce something. But you love to play. You may think if you take some industrious quality of Virgo then Virgo will be able to relax a bit. But it is not an easy task for a Virgo native. Virgo native is fanatical about carefulness. It will make you cry.

At the time of physical relation, Virgo is highly verbal. Virgo normally is not very playful. Libra has to excite Virgo. It is not too tough to you. Neither you nor Virgo is highly emotional. But everything will be tasteless if neither of you encourage each other to allow the feelings out. You and Virgo will produce some wonderful debates. In spite of that everything may go a little dull sometimes. Hence you have to let yourselves to be inclined by each other physically as well as rationally. Both of you have the things which are lacking to each other.

Both Virgo and Libra are analytical and brainy. Neither of you is far above the ground in respect of sentiment. At the time of lovemaking, Libra should take the charge of Virgo to become light-hearted and calm down Virgo after a long day in job. You are champion at initiating the step of romance. Seductive signs, soft music and low light are sufficient to a Virgo Sun Sign to get excited even after many years of marriage. Virgo must not criticize for the physic of Libra. Virgo has to realize that no one is accurate. Virgo needs to agree on this fact. Then you will be able to love Virgo from the core of your heart.

You should not be sad, Libra. If Virgo takes birth with the planet Venus in the Libra house or possesses any other planets adjust with you then this combination will be fruitful. You should progress slowly. Only then you will be able to understand each other. Hence it is suggested that provide this mix a good effort before you conclude that Virgo is for Libra.

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