Sunsign Compatibility of
Libra boy and Sagittarius girl

The combination has a very good prospect to get victory. It will be a tuneful combination. The two signs are apart with 2 positions in zodiac. There is very good understandings with each other. Sagittarius wishes to get knowledge. Libra has a fascination towards artistic imagination. Libra as well Sagittarius is cheerful and positive personality. Libra native likes to make lot of friends. You, Libra, are social. Hence you like to attend many parties, cultural ceremony etc. You love to make a tour. You have a great fondness over meeting with new people. Sagittarius also likes touring. Both of you will be able to convince each other to involve in these actions in an instant. You and Sagittarius always thinks it is new as both of you will be able to maintain the relation exciting one. Jointly you will achieve the new horizon in life and love.

You may face problem for the straight forward manner of your Sagittarius partner. It may affect your ego. Libra governs companionship and expects to wed. Therefore one more chaotic spot will arrive in later stage when Libra thinks that Libra is prepared for marrying but Sagittarius thinks he or she is not. You must not take it individually. The reason is a Sagittarius person wants to be obvious before marrying. Sagittarius does not wish to lose his or her liberty or freedom. If Sagittarius assures him or herself that will not happen then Sagittarius will certainly do marriage. In the meantime, your conjugal relation will be full of fun and active with Sagittarius. It will stay for many years. Usually, a Sagittarius native likes to make love under the sky. It is fine with Libra if there is no risk.

Both of you like to find the truth and loveliness in your experience. Venus the planet of love rules over Libra. Jupiter is the planet of fortune and reasoning and rules over Jupiter. The femininity of Venus and masculinity of Jupiter forms a balanced combination. Sagittarius is very keen to go with you for becoming familiar with the new ideas of you. You are air element and Sagittarius is fire element. Hence this combination is full of energy. Libra is cardinal element whereas Sagittarius is mutable element. Hence Sagittarius is adaptable in nature. Normally Libra initiates some new concepts and changes the mind quickly. But Sagittarius gives the final touch at the concept of Libra.

Libra must hold on to Sagittarius and encircles Sagittarius with adoration. It will be a perfect mate for you.

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