Sunsign Compatibility of
Libra boy and Libra girl

Libra is air element. Libra male and Libra female honour each others mental abilities. Both of you enjoy rationalism. Both Libra people praise films, arts and all kinds of cultural programs. Libra couple is influential, well mannered and tactful. Libra is the best judge in the world. Two of you jointly can apply your tact to win over any possible fight with politeness and honour.

Venus is the ruler of Libra. And planet Venus denotes love. Male and female Libra jointly share auspicious and romantic relation which is full of attractiveness, sensuality and complete pleasure. It will be no surprise at all if you live a happy life. Libra takes rich foods. And Libra is a little bit lazy too. It will be bad for your health.

Libra is cardinal element. It is a characteristic which allows male and female Libra to start a new venture and inspire other people. Male and female Libra can together do work brilliantly on any venture if they determined to do it.

This combination is full of mental power and ambition. But the highly emotional moments are missing in this combination. Neither male Libra nor Female Libra has the courage and interest to find out the emotional moments. But both male and female Libra prefers to stay detach lest one should hurt his or her partner. It is very shame. At the time of physical relation, you both have to try to get down the barrier and improve the height of your closeness and warmth.

Both of you are similar thoughts. Two of you feel that wedding is the natural result of dating. Both male and female Libra is hesitant in nature.

Libra wishes that people should adore him or her. Libra loathes any fight. If there is any fight then Libra tries to make the situation easy. Libra is sincere and caring. But fight makes Libra excessively unpleasant. Hence there will be no fight in Libra and Libra combination. You are balanced in case of relationship. Libra is the happiest person of all if he or she finds someone who has similar thoughts and interests.

Which is the best feature in a Libra and Libra combination? It is the kindness, unbelievable sense of subtlety and collective admiration to each other. It turns to be an everlasting combination owing to your profound and mutual understanding to each others requirements and loves. Your commitment will be a rock solid.

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