Sunsign Compatibility of
Libra boy and Capricorn girl

If Capricorn and Libra mix together in the love match then it will be a good pair. Libra has a great respect in the ambition of Capricorn. Libra wishes Capricorn to go to the top. Both Capricorn and Libra like attending social program or party. You give worth your look which is praised by your partner. A Capricorn native never criticise Libra for spending money and time for own. Normally, Libra and Capricorn have very few differences. Libra likes to meeting people. You have many friends. Capricorn people think hard work will give them a good career prospect and respect. Libra people are busy in balancing their life and relation. You have a strong fascination towards beauty and art.

There are some difficulties in this relation. Libra is much more kind-hearted and candid than Capricorn. Capricorn remains serious in most of the time. In spite of that Libras influence will change the nature of Capricorn. And Capricorn will accept it greatly. The most difficult phase you will face at the time of abstain from physical relation as Capricorn will return home late and does not give the time to you. It is very sad but the fact is Capricorn has very little time to provide Libra. It is a matter of concern in this relation. You do not know when the time will come to be involved in physical relation with your partner Capricorn.

The planet Venus is the ruler of Libra. And the planet Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. These two planets have hardly any similarity. Therefore you should work with your differences. Capricorn has to pay attention that he or she should not discourage you from your natural optimism and enthusiasm. And you have to apply your diplomacy to maintain the balance with your Capricorn. Libra is air element and Capricorn is earth element. You rely on you intelligence. But a Capricorn native relies on his or her mental ability.

In spite of this you should give a chance to this relation. Both Capricorn and Libra longs for a loving and warm family life. It will likely to come true. If Capricorn is the earner of your family then Capricorn will never upset you. Capricorn will take his or her responsibility with seriousness. The Sun of Capricorn illuminates Libras house. It is an assurance of intimate and tempting relation. After all, if you really love Capricorn then nothing will be obstacles in your way. Everything depends on your approach.

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