Sunsign Compatibility of
Libra boy and Cancer girl

It will be a great combination if Libra tries. But Libra may discover that the differences of mood are excessive. Therefore it may create a gap between you and Cancer. The reason is, you like to loiter. But a Cancer native is a home-bird. Libra likes to meet with new personalities. You have the fondness of getting new experiences. But a Cancer feels this is the wastage of time and strength. Actually, most of the Cancer natives have a view of old fashioned lifestyle. To them its only family which matters most. A Cancer person is pleased if his or her emotional necessities are fulfilled. But you concentrate on what comes in your mind. You like to enjoy with your friends. But a Cancer likes to enjoy the life with his or her family members.

Libra is an air element. So you are communicative and logical. Yu have a great analytical power. On the other hand, Cancer is water element. Cancer is full of romance and sentimentality. Its look like great to Libra at some extent in the early stage of a relation. But after sometimes, you will see the change of moods of Cancer is immeasurable. Some other signs in the zodiac have the ability to keep patience and perception to make out Cancer. But Libra will not possess this kind of nature. You will be fed up at this relation after a while.

Cancer is very much skilful and talented in respect of physical relation. Cancer has the ability to lavish Libra with romantic moments and caring. It will be fascinating at the early time of the relation as getting Cancer is a dream at the time of physical relation. After some time, Cancer turns into a little possessive or jealous. Cancer may ask Libra for explaining the detail schedule of Libra. Cancer cannot understand why you are not compassionate and emotional with Cancer. And you cannot understand why Cancer is not logical. You like to go in your own way.

If you adore Cancer then you can get other planets in the horoscope of you. It will mix outstandingly with your partner Cancer. Therefore you are advised not to give up your hope. It may be possible that there is not any planet in your chart. But you must think that destiny is not all about Astrology. If you really love Cancer then nothing will make any hindrance to you.

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