Sunsign Compatibility of
Libra boy and Aquarius girl

Libra, you should go for Aquarius. It will be a fine combination. Aquarius native is best suited to you. Both Libra and Aquarius are good communicators. Two of you like to continue your conversation or debate. Both of you get inspiration from the speech of each other.

Every relation has some problems. You like to marry your partner. But an Aquarius native is liberal. The aloofness and reserve behaviour of your Aquarius will make you mad when it is the question of commitment. Libra has to take patience. You possess the accurate fundamental matching.

Libra is elegant and refined sign. You are sophisticated in nature. You like to go to the 5 star restaurants. You have a great inclination towards attending parties and cultural program. But Aquarius likes to spend money for his or her needs, particularly in work prospect. Hence Aquarius does not waste money going to 5 star restaurants.

You as well as Aquarius are very energetic in nature. It will not be a stagnant relation. Aquarius is the best thinker in zodiac. Aquarius always possesses some new plans. Libra is diplomat and judicious in zodiac. You do not like any fight. You like to maintain a balance. The planet of love, Venus is the ruler of Libra. The planet of rebellion, Uranus and the planet of destiny, Saturn are the rulers of Aquarius. It will be a productive combination.

Libra as well as Aquarius is air element. There is very powerful intellectual understanding with each other. Both of you continuously inspire each others ideas. If Libra and Aquarius jointly take a project then it will bring positive outcome. You are cardinal element and your partner is fixed element. You have the tendency to initiate something and leave it in the halfway. It is your partner, Aquarius who will complete it. The best part of this combination is the capability of working jointly as a team.

Normally, Libra wishes for very close friendship before falling in love. Aquarius agrees with you on this matter. Aquarius will be the best friend of you. Aquarius native is humorous and experimental at the time of physical relation. Libra is reserved and polite in lovemaking. Therefore sometimes Libra gets shocked by Aquarius ideas for physical relation. But Libras good personality will lead Libra to pay attention and attempt practically anything one time.

It will be an excellent combination even though some differences at the beginning of the relation. So you should not allow to Aquarius go.

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