Sunsign Compatibility of
Leo boy and Virgo girl

A Virgo native is crunchy, fashionable and well prepared. Leo will feel proud getting a mart Virgo as a life partner. Virgo native likes to go to the details of anything. Anything will not be able to daunt a Virgo from his or her mission. Leo should not try to deter Virgo lover. On the other side, a Leo is creative. He or she is expert in imaginative field. The planet Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. The planet Mercury rules the sixth house which denotes services and works to other people. The planet Sun is the ruler of Leo. The planet Sun rules the fifth house which denotes love and fun.

A Virgo will allow down his or her aloofness if Virgo feels secure with Leo and feels Leo will not betray Virgo. The sense of Virgos honesty is very powerful. Hence, Virgo always expects the same from his or her partner. Virgo is an earth element. Virgo is physical and highly erotic. In spite of that, Virgo never shows off his or her lovemaking publicly. Virgo has a reputation for his or her calmness.

Normally, a Virgo is attentive and watchful. Virgo is farsighted in respect of finding faults. Virgo is born romantic. Virgo has the ability to watch everything clearly which is invisible to other. Leo should not take the advantage of a Virgo. Virgo is stunning, refined and experienced. If Leo treats a Virgo in an untidy way then Virgo will be calm and compose. If Leo continues the same for long time and hurts Virgo then he or she hits back. Leo will get his or her result for Leos misdeeds. And Virgo will leave Leo forever. Virgo never returns if he or she quit. Hence Leo is suggested to control Leos pride.

Virgo excels in organisational ability. But Leo is very much wretched in this respect. There is hardly overlooked from Virgo. Virgo has sharp eye. Virgo is flexible and adaptable. He or she does not like to challenge Leos role. Virgo will be satisfied if Leo takes the lead. Leo will realise very quickly that Leo is very much lonely without his or her Virgo lover.

A Virgo is not similar in nature that of a Leo. But at the end, a Virgo native is good for a Leo. Virgos earth sign will put forward a Leo a secure place, and solid foundation. Leo should give a chance to prove this is a very good combination.

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