Sunsign Compatibility of
Leo boy and Scorpio girl

It is an energetic mixture of characteristics. Both Leo and Scorpio have powerful emotion and passion. Leo as well as Scorpio is fixed element. Neither Leo nor Scorpios will change his or her view or place. It is clear that you will not agree with each other in various matters in many occasions.

The active tension between Leo and Scorpio runs for rule carries on the relation staggering on the rim. But it seems this is accurately where Leo and Scorpio prefer the relation. It will obviously maintain all the things electrifying. There is a chance to get fire from the heat produces from Leo and Scorpio. Generally, the strength of Scorpio is much more emotional and strange than a Leo. Scorpio possesses high range of feelings. It is a fact that Leo will not be able to realise the degree of feelings of his or her Scorpio partner as Scorpio likes to go in details. Naturally, a Scorpio native talks little. He or she does not love to put one his or her heart on the sleeve. Scorpio feels that it will be the indication of compromising his or her position, if nothing else at the initial stage. In the beginning it is easy for Scorpio to feel Leos affection.

Sun is the ruler of Leo. The smile of a Leo has the ability to melt ice. Mars and Pluto are the joint owners of Scorpio. Mars is the warrior and Pluto is the lord of underworld. It is the reason for not distinguishing the feelings of Scorpio. If Scorpio loves his or her partner then Scorpio loves wholeheartedly. Scorpio provides hint to the person whom Scorpio loves.

Neither Leo nor Scorpio is careless in nature. Leo as well as Scorpio is very much possessive. But it will not create any problem as both of have the similar feelings. If Scorpio loves then it is the union forever. Indeed Leo is less jealous individual and may face problem at the time of returning the loyalty to Scorpio.

Leo is not frugal. But a Scorpio native is sensible in case of investment. Scorpio may shock at the spending of Leo and ask to cut the budget. But royal Leo will be unhappy with limitation. This relation needs to be handling with great attention as both of you are of strong natures. Neither should involve in fighting with each other. Do not remain obstinate. It will be problem for this relation. It has the potentiality of a strong combination.

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