Sunsign Compatibility of
Leo boy and Aquarius girl

An Aquarius native is mystery to a Leo. And this will make a Leo more resulted to reveal Aquarius secrets. Aquarius is intensely distinctive. Aquarius is liberal. He or she is tad individual. Aquarius likes to shake up the traditional thoughts of society. Your lover likes to rebel. Aquarius wants to renovate something which is turned old. Sometimes Aquarius may accuse Leo for Leos conservativeness. Leo will admit this eagerly. But it will bit unpleasant to a Leo inside. Generally a Leo wishes approval and respect.

Your Aquarius is not money oriented. But a Leo is. It is not that Aquarius is extravagant. The fact is Aquarius spends his or her money for his or her works. Aquarius is an air element. Uranus is the ruler of this Sun Sign. Hence Aquarius has the inclination towards new technology. Aquarius and Leo both are fixed signs. Neither Leo nor Aquarius will move from his or her stand. Except you can arrive at a compromise which is unlikely or a settlement which is likely the obstacles you discover at the beginning of relation will stay forever.

Logical Aquarius is cool. Your lovers behaviour may attract you at the beginning. But it will not last for long. The reason is you are exactly opposite to Aquarius. A Leo is warm-hearted. You require showing affection every now and then. Aquarius will not reassure Leo which a Leo wishes. But Aquarius will definitely worth for the Leos brain.

Aquarius governs the eleventh house of amity. But Leo rules the house of love. There is a big discrepancy in this relation. Generally, Aquarius prefers his or her friends to his or her lover. But you prefer your love to your friends. You two hardly shifts from your priorities. Leo is governed by the heart. And Aquarius is governed by the mind.

Aquarius will be able to arouse his or her lover, Leo with Aquarius thrilling physical desire and fondness for creating some new style. Leo and Aquarius are perfect only at the time of physical relation. Leo will take pleasure in due course. Leo does not know the time when Aquarius admits that Aquarius loves his or her partner. Even not at the time of romance whereas other lovers like to share it in this very moment. The eyes of Aquarius are like a laser. If Aquarius looks at Leo then Leo will hardly forget the moment. If Aquarius discloses him or herself then it is very rare, candid and memorable one.

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