Sunsign Compatibility of
Gemini boy and Taurus girl

Taurus and Gemini are next to each other in zodiac. Normally, Gemini and Taurus are different from each other. If Taurus has lack of something then it makes up by Gemini and vice versa. Gemini Sun Sign is spontaneous and humorous. Gemini become bore simply. If Gemini involved him or herself in any activities then he or she shines. Gemini can easily adapt a situation. He or she is legend of it. Gemini native find truth in an ambitious way. Hence there are many journalists possessing Gemini Sun Sign. Gemini has knowledge in everything. But he or she does not possess details of the same. It is the work of a Taurus Mon Sign. A Taurus native can do it easily.

There are many differences. Gemini has fond of travelling. On the other hand, Taurus likes to live in home. Gemini is flexible in nature. Taurus has no flexibility. Taurus is obstinate. Gemini likes to share his or her feelings. But Taurus does not like to share the feelings. Taurus does one thing at once slowly and carefully. But Gemini cannot do any work taking so much time with too much concentration. Gemini is good at variety.

Gemini does not like to live in serious mood. It is good for Gemini. There is a doubt that whether the combination of Gemini and Taurus will alright or not. If Gemini does not disagree very much with Taurus then it will be a perfect combination. In spite of that Taurus will live an anxious life with Gemini and it will be an exhausted one to Taurus. Gemini thinks Taurus is too much predictable to you. Taurus is very cautious. Taurus likes a stable and safety life. This is not the view which a Gemini possesses.

In respect of physical relation, Taurus will do excellent job. Taurus is a true partner. Taurus is slow and corporeal while lovemaking. Taurus native is very much caring and understanding. Physical relation is a laudable activity to a Taurus. Gemini will be proud of being a partner of Taurus. But the fact is Taurus wants trustworthy in relation. But Gemini is not capable of do the same.

This combination may work or may not be. Future of this relationship depends on many elements on Geminis chart. One more thing is you have to love each other. Then there is a chance to get success in this relation.

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