Sunsign Compatibility of
Gemini boy and Scorpio girl

It is a very big question to Gemini whether the combination of Gemini and Scorpio will run smoothly or not. But it is very good combination. Do not need to anxious about, Gemini. It is true that it is not a typical combination. But logically it will work definitely.

There are many differences between a Gemini and a Scorpio Sun Sign. But they have similarities also. Gemini is talkative. But a Scorpio Sun Sign is not talkative at all. Scorpio has the ability to pull his or her head into a newspaper or balance sheets or whatsoever Scorpio likes to do. Scorpio is very much talented. A Scorpio native may get fanatical. But a Gemini Sun Sign will like the intensity as this is unfamiliar to Gemini. In respect of lovemaking Scorpio is good enough. Gemini will find out a hot, sensual and stylish lover in Scorpio. Gemini will be exhilarated by the depth of feeling and attentiveness of a Scorpio native. Either Gemini will enjoy the moments with Scorpio or Gemini will not satisfy with the effort of Scorpio at the time of physical relation.

Gemini is open hearted. Gemini likes to share his or her feelings. But a Scorpio native is reticent. Scorpio native prefers to hold his or her trump card in his or her vest. If Gemini fights then scorpion feels sorry for Gemini because Gemini tries to drop his or her anger. But Gemini will be unaware about the difficulty of Scorpio for many days. Scorpio will enter into the unpleasant moments slowly. Scorpio does not aware of the problem. Gemini should assist his or her lover Scorpio by quietly pulling Scorpio out. Gemini excels in words. Gemini is clear in his or her ambitions. Scorpio loves this kind of quality in Gemini. Gemini is flexible and adaptable. But Scorpio is a fixed element. Hence he or she will not possess this quality. Gemini is full of imaginative power. If Gemini falls in problems then Gemini tries to find out options. Thus Gemini will get success in crisis. But Scorpio relies on perception and instinct which hardly lets Scorpio down.

If Gemini Sun Sign has the ability to endure the possessiveness and mood of a Scorpio then Gemini may live a cheerful relation with Scorpio. And it will be the relation forever. Gemini should be trustworthy to Scorpio. Scorpio cannot tolerate any cheating. Gemini is air element and Scorpio is water element. Hence this combination will produce happy moments.

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