Sunsign Compatibility of
Gemini boy and Pisces girl

Gemini and Pisces are reverse in various ways. But one thing has to be remembered that opposite attracts people much more. This kind of combination will face many positive and negative sides in due course. The result of this relation will depend only on the action taken by Gemini.

A Pisces creates profound and enduring poignant attachments. But a Gemini normally associates with the partner without going down to the bottom of partners soul. This kind of nature of Gemini does not satisfy a Pisces Sun Sign. He or she wishes to be loved and understood. Pisces loves his or her partner internally and physically. He or she likes to go down to the heart of the lover. Generally, Pisces native looks for a genuine life partner who will inspire through his or her love. But Gemini is not likely to do that completely. Gemini prefers to put his or her heart fixed in his or head. Pisces does not concern about any logic at the time of physical relation. Over romantic and intense Pisces may assist a Gemini to go deep which a Gemini hardly thinks of. At the time of physical relation a Pisces native takes care about the step of making love remarkable and fervent experience. According to Pisces, lovemaking is incense, flowers, candles and gifts. Lovemaking is not very much sensual as religious. Physical relation is the bonding of 2 souls.

A Pisces Sun Sign possesses his or her own imaginative activities. Hence a Pisces will not mind about the ins and outs of Gemini. Gemini likes to involve in his or her routine. In fact a Pisces feels that absence creates the mind raise fonder. Pisces likes to live in his own world with his or her dreams and fantasies. Hence Pisces require some time to remain alone for mediating and thinking. In this way a Pisces Sun Sign connect with the works of Gemini as both of you are thoughtful at least some time. Gemini is air element. And a Pisces is water element. Hence there is a great chance to mix together. Together you can produce cheerful life.

Gemini is advised to catch Pisces. But one thing has to be remembered that if Gemini does not possess any emotional ability to adore a Pisces or Gemini takes unjust benefit from Pisces then Pisces will go away. He or she does not likely to come back anymore. If Pisces go away from Gemini then Gemini will lose the unconditional adoration and the glow of Neptune.

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