Sunsign Compatibility of
Gemini boy and Leo girl

A Gemini native loves to be imaginative and free. Leo likes to enjoy his or her life in greater extent. The world of Leo is full of spark, caviar and parties. Hence it looks like a very good combination. Gemini is air sign. And Leo is fire sign. Gemini will flame Leo to get arouse.

During lovemaking, the confident of Leo delights Gemini. Leo is stimulated through Geminis romantic poems or quotes which Gemini hide under the pillow of Leo. A Leo Sun Sign takes his or her adoration gravely. Even the romance will continue if Gemini allows Leo at old age too. Leo knows very well how to take pleasure from romance. Leo may present some gifts to Gemini which will work as stimulating. Gemini and Leo both like to spend much time in lovemaking. Whether Leo is female or male it is a fact that it will not create any obstacles whether each other known for long time or not.

Gemini can assure him or herself that the physical relation or the style of lovemaking will not lessen after marriage. Leo is graceful and he or she likes to remain the same. An interesting fact about Leo is it may happen that Leo has not enough money to buy a grocery in a week but Leo will always possess money for his or her new outfit or haircut. Leo does not put on worn clothes. A Leo native wants respect and admiration from you as well as world. Leo hardly forgets a loveable person.

Leo as well as Gemini likes to go outside. Hence it is clear that both of you possess same social requirement. Geminis requirement is much less than Leo. Gemini cannot make out why Leo wastes his or her money in a 4-star restaurant. It is a fun. Therefore Gemini is pleased to examine whatever his or her lover Leo possesses in his or her heart. The reason is it will satisfy the everlasting curiosity of Gemini.

Leo is very much possessive. Leo can ask Gemini to announce his or her loyalty very quickly. If a Gemini Sun Sign bores with the intimate relation with Leo then Gemini will walk it does not matter whether Leo is attractive to rest of the society or not. It will happen owing to the lack of commitment ability of Gemini. At the end, it is suggested that it is a graceful combination; Gemini needs to go for Leo.

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