Sunsign Compatibility of
Capricorn boy and Taurus girl

The pairing of Capricorn and Taurus will be a very good combination. You will find satisfaction, pleasure, luxury and happiness at every aspect of life with your Taurus. The Sun of Taurus falls into the house of Capricorn of real love and comfort. Therefore it will be no surprising that you cannot but help to fall in love with Taurus.

Your Taurus is realistic, erudite, trustworthy and committed. These are the qualities you have ever dreamt of about your partner. You have a practical point of view in marriage. Capricorn knows Capricorn will require counting on Capricorns partner. Both Capricorn and Taurus prefer family. Your partner hardly isolated. Taurus admires the loyalty of a person. You will not spend a boring life with your partner. Your partner longs for a pleasant home atmosphere and many creature comforts.

In respect of lovemaking both of you dance on the similar rate. Capricorn is slow and thoughtful. It is a good prospect at the time of physical relation. Your lover is ruled by the planet Venus. Therefore your partner continues love making in the old age too.

You love to but ornaments. Both male and female Taurus will happily accept it. Both Taurus and Capricorn like material object. Both have the fascination towards beauty. You have a great inclination towards history. Hence you like to collect antiques things. Your partner will shoe an immense interest in this field too. Both like gardening.

You have a good sense of humour. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. So Capricorn is serious in each and every matter. You are very funny character. But you are practical too. So you can easily understand that after every sorrow there will be happy moments or vice-versa, particularly in case of love.

Your partner seduces you with sensuality and spirituality at the time of physical relation. Your honey is very good partner due to the extraordinary sensitiveness. Your honey has the ability to use all the five senses greatly. Relaxing is not possible you at the time of conjugal relation. You, Capricorn will be very happy if your honey takes the initial charge of romancing. Getting excited you will take over the charge from your partner. You and Taurus lover are made for each other.

With your Partner you will make a wonderful life. This relation will be free from insecurity and problem. Capricorn will be able to build a rock solid understanding with Taurus. It is very powerful combination.

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