Sunsign Compatibility of
Capricorn boy and Sagittarius girl

Capricorn and Sagittarius are located adjacent to each other in zodiac. Hence it is a tough matching. There will be many opposites in this combination. You are ruled by the planet Saturn, and your partner is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is hopeful but Saturn is practical. It is the most important difference in this relation. Sagittarius will treat you as a pessimist and discredit you for preparing for the rainy days. Your partner cannot make out why it is so important to you. On the other hand, you cannot make out how could your lover is over optimist.

Your lover likes exercise. Hence it is clear that your lover wants to be fit. Sometimes the bluntness of your lover will be very tough for a gentle and polite individual like you to accept. The hindrances are obvious. Sagittarius may feel bore down by Capricorns displeasure on Sagittarius carefree mind. You have some plans and objectives. You, Capricorn like to work hard. You are very much resolute to the enormous career of you. Will Sagittarius like to help Capricorn in this case? Sagittarius likes to teach people. After that your partner wants to travel all the summer in a foreign country for some sort of relaxation. You are workaholic. You could not afford yourself to go for travel only because of relaxation. You do not think that travelling must get priority.

You need some time for repose before getting to the right mood for conjugal relation. Sagittarius must take care of it and tells polite and romantic words. It will help you to get aroused. Sagittarius must use a little entertaining and seduction early to charm you. After that your honey may move directly to you. At the time of physical relation, you will discover that your lover has athletic body. After some time you feel whether you are perfect or not for your partner.

Sagittarius is easy going. Sometime your partner is whimsical. You love to go to the depth. You are shy in character. At the early phase of the relationship both of you will finds out faults of each other. But after sometime it may be a smooth relation. Neither of you will be concerned in discovering faults after that. Sagittarius may offer Capricorn glance of liberty which in nearly missing from the life of Capricorn. You are so much responsible. Your partner will teach you how to take anything simply. Capricorn will blame Sagittarius for the thoughtless and hasty nature. You will teach Sagittarius to behave well. It is a so-so combination. So, think before try.

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