Sunsign Compatibility of
Capricorn boy and Libra girl

It is not a traditional pairing. As you have some interest in Libra so there is a chance to get the victory. Both Capricorn and Libra are busy right through the day. You and your partner have lots of energy. But your lover will leave you behind in respect of going out. Your partner has a familiarity with many people. So Libra will get pleasure introducing you with them. You, Capricorn always wants to enlarge the friends circle. Hence you will appreciate this quality of your partner. Libra is the spirit of charm and diplomacy. Your partner is a treasure to you if your partner goes with you for business purpose.

You and your partner are cardinal element. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. There are some problems in this combination. Your partner is much more sympathetic and honest than you. You are serious in most of the time. In spite of that the influence of your honey will change the characteristic of you. And you, Capricorn will accept it openly. The most difficult time you will face at the time of refrain from conjugal relation as you will come back home late and do not provide the time to your partner. It is very heartbreaking but the fact is you have very little time to give your Libra. It is a matter of concern in this combination. Your partner does not know when the time will come to be engaged in conjugal relation with you, Capricorn.

Your partner knows very well how to apply his or her personality in any kind of situation. Libra is the symbol of marriage and partnership. So your partner will feel him or herself incomplete without you for interacting daily. In spite of that Libra wants to be married. Your honey will not leave you except the relation takes a drastic nosedive. Your partner is not determined and focused as you, Capricorn. You may realise that Libra is wasting his or her talent.

Capricorn likes to touch Libras figure. But your partner is much more logical than physical. You should try to help you lover to get arouse at the time of lovemaking. It is a so-so combination to get success. The reason is Sun Signs are located at a complicated angle to each other. You should go slowly. You have to know your honey well before going to marry. After some time if you realise that Libra is good for you then go for Libra.

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