Sunsign Compatibility of
Capricorn boy and Leo girl

It is not a classical combination. The reason is Capricorn is earth element and Leo is fire element. You are objective. On the other hand your partner Leo is majestic and a noble aristocrat. You love to be busy in activities. This pairing will be a pleasant one if your partner is able to give his or her all.

Both Capricorn and Leo like to meet with new people. Both have a fondness over socialising. Between two your partner is a little more enthusiastic and friendly. And as per norm you are a bit reserved. Both of you are socialise but for different reason. You wish to enlarge the network to go ahead. But your partner just wishes it for making fun. Both Capricorn and Leo have a good dressing sense. Both of you like to attend cultural event. You partner will disclose the glitter in your individuality. Your partner is not flexible. Leo is neither realistic also. Your partner will discover you as bit dull and serious in your work. In spite of that if the love is real then you can sort out this problem.

At the time of physical relation your partner wishes to be loved and excited. And Capricorn will make it perfectly. Your partner wants to celebrate the conjugal relation with chocolates, champagne, flowers, luxurious costumes or bikini. You will respect Leos point of view in lovemaking. But at first your partner has to help you to relax for a while. Then you will progress on the area of your Lion or Lioness. You have immense sense of fidelity. You like to go slowly in case of lovemaking. Hence your partner should control him or her energetic nature during conjugal relation.

Your partner will be a great parent. Your partner will pay complete attention to the kids. You, Capricorn will also be a good parent. But your job will start after the children become a little aged. When your children will ready for college then you are the utmost form of life. You will save enough money for your kids for study. Most importantly you will accompany your kids to each campus to assist your kids for selecting their choice.

It will be a fantastic blending if both of you accept the weakness of each other and try to sort out the problems. So, you, Capricorn should try a Leo. This partnership will certainly get full marks.

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