Sunsign Compatibility of
Capricorn boy and Gemini girl

It is not a traditional combination. Gemini requires much more stimuli and excitement than Capricorn daily. You, Capricorn will be fascinated through Geminis resourcefulness and sharp mind.

Your Gemini is not possessive. Your partner likes to keep him or herself busy. Hence your partner will not complain you for coming back late from the office. Your partner likes to know about your mind and personality. So you are a bit scared about it. You think if Gemini gets know all about you then your partner will become bore. So Gemini may leave you. You are right, Capricorn. Changing and improving as an individual is crucial. Gemini will always introduce you to the new things of the world. Your partner likes to remain up to date. Capricorn will discuss many inspirational matters with Gemini right through the life. Your partner is full of energy. Gemini loves to work hard. You, Capricorn respect this quality in Gemini.

You are focused and laborious. You, Capricorn have the capability to put in your money in a profitable way. On the other hand, your partner loves to live in daily basis. Your partner never thinks about savings or pensions. But you think about that. Hence it is clear that your partner will not be able to end his or her life with plenty of capital without you, Capricorn. You will provide your Gemini a safety life. Gemini will come across many famous people. The industriousness of you, Capricorn leads your partner to a happy life. You are concerned about your family. But you will not be able to stay with families most of the time owing to your job.

At the time of physical relation your lover is creative, experimental and whimsical. Gemini is an extraordinary love in many aspects. Gemini is capable of giving more than you regarding lovemaking. As your partner is very talented in physical relation so you will be under pressure for thinking new things. Your honey requires variety in conjugal relation. So you have to be resourceful in this matter. You may try seduction your lover in each and every room at home, then shifted to the other place. You may try to send love note to your honey. Actually, your partner loves getting surprised. If you are able to do that then you have no problem. At last, this combination has a strong chance to get success. But you have to try your best to make it worth.

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