Sunsign Compatibility of
Capricorn boy and Cancer girl

Cancer is 180 degree away from you, Capricorn. So there is a possibility of similarity and dissimilarity evenly between you two. There are many advantages and disadvantages in this relation. Capricorns sign rules the honour and reputation. Hence you are very much objective. You look to get a responsible management position. Capricorn excels in politics and big companies. But it is very difficult to achieve to the others. You like discipline. You are earth element. So you are very realistic personality.

Cancer is water element. Cancer is very much emotional. Your partner likes to stay at home. It will be a fascinating mix as your lover will take care of you and the kinds. Your partner will give you that kind of life which you think. But Cancer has no idea how you manage all.

At the time of lovemaking, Capricorn as well as Cancer is an ideal match. Both of you possess same zeal regarding physical relation. You take your time to arouse your lover for romance. You love your lover extremely. You and your partner will go to the dream at the time of conjugal relation. Your honey will praise you for your style of arousing at the time of lovemaking. You, Capricorn are loyal to your honey. So, it is very much obvious that your partner will feel he or she is in safe hands in respect of emotion.

You partner will not make out why you work so hard. Your lover will be capable of providing you the kind of secret life you have dreamt of always. You are industrious and workaholic individuality. But you partner will tolerate it as your honey lovers this kind of life partner.

Capricorn is more realistic than Cancer. Capricorn earns ample of money. Cancer does not like to spend money unwisely. Your partner always wants to save money. Cancer likes to bargain at the time of shopping.

Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon. Moon indicates emotion. The plant Saturn governed Capricorn. The planet Saturn is the planet of karma. The planet Moon is warm whereas the planet Saturn is cold. Moon is nurturing in character. You love to maintain discipline. Cancer is water element. But a Capricorn is earth element. Water element belongs to perception and nostalgia. But an earth element belongs to concentration.

It has the potentiality to become a strong and healthy combination. Each of you will provide the other what is lack on him or her. So, Capricorn should try Cancer.

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