Sunsign Compatibility of
Capricorn boy and Aries girl

The combination of Capricorn and Aries is going to be tough. Capricorn and Aries have different mindset. In spite of that everything is possible.

Capricorn is traditional in nature. You work well in structured organisation. You have all the capability of getting a fantastic job in reputed company. But your Aries does not want to work as a subordinate. Your partner always wants to work for his or her own. The mind of your partner is full of energy. You partner is fire element. Your partner loves to go ahead. Aries has the tendency towards taking risk. But, you, Capricorn are exactly opposite of your partner Aries. You prefer to make your life safe. You always think realistically. You are excessively concerned about the reputation. Normally, you, Capricorn like to take responsibility. Aries does not worry about security. Capricorn will feel the tension of outside in the home also. Aries is best in creating new ventures. Aries takes the charge of innovator. Your partner is a little selfish. It is opposite to your nature. But you will praise your partner in his or her success.

This combination may be better for the business partnership. It is not a suitable partnership for romance. The reason behind is that both of you like to work hard. You and your partner run for success. It will grab you jointly.

At the time of physical relation, you and your partner enjoy the every moments produced during this time. But Capricorn is more physical and palpable. Your partner is very fast in everything. So your partner does the same at the time of lovemaking. But it is not ideal style for physical relation. Your partner has to be remembered that you take time to get relaxed after the hectic work schedule. Hence your partner should assist you to get cool. You are reserved. But when you get aroused then your partner will realize that you have great loving and sensuous nature. Hence your Aries should keep his or her control for arousing you.

Your partner likes to dream. He or she is full of new strategies. You have to take the anchor role in this relation. You should offer your partner logic economical advice and realistic solution. If Capricorn and Aries stay jointly then it will be a very good combination. It is a very tough pairing. But everything is in your hand. If you are able to tackle the hurdles then Aries will be yours.

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