Sunsign Compatibility of
Capricorn boy and Aquarius girl

Capricorn may dismay or delight by Aquarius opposition on traditional views. It may look exciting at the initial period of this relationship. But you are conservative. Sometimes the interests of your lover may look like erratic and up-to-the-minute. The temperament of your partner is much cooler than you Capricorn. Aquarius does not have emotion. It is a fact that sometime you may seek a stable, warmth and affectionate partner. But Aquarius is not the same.

You, Capricorn are conscious about the class. You wish to put on right dress, live in the right area. You also want to send your children to good school. But an Aquarius is not concerned about that. Aquarius has the most independent heart. Your partner likes to live the life in his or her belief.

Both Capricorn and Aquarius are leaders but in a different process. You obtain acknowledgment in large. You like to go to the top slowly but steadily. You excel in dealing with the politics of company. But your partner gets satisfaction through work within group. Your partner works for the good of society. If Aquarius seems disappointed at work then Aquarius will perform few important volunteer works. Your partner likes to be a charitable person. Your honey belongs to the society. Hence if you think that your partner will there at the completion of the day with you, it will be a big blunder to you. Capricorn will find Aquarius in the cafe or city hall.

There is another difference in case of dining out. You will select a 4 or 5 star restaurant for a dinner. But your partner will wish to take vegetarian meal at the corner of the little hole. You wish to discuss literature or play with your honey. But your honey wishes to discuss any other point like school or technical matter. You have a great inclination towards past. But your partner only lives for the future.

At the time of conjugal relation you and your partner both are highly sensual. But your honey feels that physical desire is a game and making fun. Your partner likes to watch adult movies. But you are not the same. Actually, Aquarius has not any inclination to tolerate a relation as you do. Gemini is the ruler of Aquarius hose of love. Gemini is thinking sign. So, the heart of Aquarius is ruled by the head. Capricorn is ethical and practical. Will you go for Aquarius? It is up to you, Capricorn!

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