Sunsign Compatibility of
Cancer boy and Taurus girl

A Taurus personality wants a stable life. He or she prefers a security through finance in life. Taurus native usually is erotic. Important fact about a Taurus is he or she shows complete loyalty to his or her lover. So, Taurus possesses many positive and good qualities which a Cancer wishes to have with his or her partner. Taurus shares Cancers requirement for a powerful family life. And staggering emotion of Taurus will give a Cancer a powerful foundation to a happy family life. Cancer is water element. Hence it is possible that Cancer feels he or she is in difficult condition in respect of emotion. But a Taurus native may bring Cancer to a calm mind. Cancer as well as Taurus likes to share economical knowledge. Cancer native likes to negotiate. But a Taurus Sun Sign loves investing money. Both of you like to spend money in luxurious things. Taurus is much more extravagant than Cancer. But at the end Cancer as well as Taurus will be able to make a huge bank balance.

Cancer likes to cook different kinds of foods for his or her lover. Hence it may say that the beginning of romance will initiate from the cooking room. It is not that Taurus does not like to cook. Taurus also cooks occasionally for Cancer. At the time of physical relation, a Taurus Sun Sign involves him or herself deeply. Taurus possesses a strong sense of physical desire. Methodically, a Taurus Sun Sign is caring lover. A Taurus native will be able to bring his or her all wits at the time of physical relation to add up the mood of a Cancer. A Taurus partner touches the body, likes to take a taste of his or her lover. Taurus native smells Cancers body. More importantly Taurus examines lover figure attentively at the time of lovemaking. Hence it is clear that a Taurus native is an expert in this case. The style of lovemaking of Taurus thrills Cancer very much. A Taurus native alos possess remarkable and exciting voice. Taurus Sun Sign will love his or her lover closely to his or expressive approach. Cancer as well as Taurus has the inclination towards jealousy. Hence both of you will be faithful in this relation.

Hence Cancer is advised that he or she should hold Taurus. Cancer should not let Taurus go. It will be a long lasting relation with full of potentiality.

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