Sunsign Compatibility of
Cancer boy and Sagittarius girl

It is not a good union to possess. A Sagittarius native is well educated. He or she is cultured. A Sagittarius native is very much sophisticated. He or she is full of knowledge. It will not be wondering if a Cancer Sun Sign enthrals through Sagittarius sparkling discussion. A Sagittarius person loves to find the reason behind some significant issues of life. Cancer will delight when Sagittarius talks something about. A Cancer person likes to listen. A Cancer native is religious and spontaneous. And a Sagittarius Sun Sign innately gets analytical and intellectual power. Sagittarius gas the capability to destroy the gut point of a Cancer. Sagittarius feels it is nonsense and beside the point. But Cancer knows very well that it is not irrelevant at all. A Sagittarius may turn into an arrogant and insensitive person. If Cancer tells Sagittarius that Cancer is hurt then Sagittarius may reply angrily. Sagittarius may treat a Cancer as a whimsically eccentricperson.

In the early stage of this relation, Cancer will live in tradition and emotion. But a Sagittarius Sun Sign will live a restless life. The poignant tidal of Cancer may be a problem to Sagittarius to recognise. On the hand, Cancer may oppose to accept the restless nature of a Sagittarius. Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon. It is the planet of emotion. But a Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter which is the planet of logic. Moon indicates love, attentiveness. But Jupiter shows concentration of growth and cheerfulness.

At the time of physical relation, a Cancer will find him or herself that Cancer is very different. A Sagittarius is an athletic. He or she likes to spare the time with fun. But Cancer feels physical relation is all in all. Cancer wishes to provide and obtain intensely moving, emotional and spiritual romance. Cancer may enjoy Sagittarius partner. But s Sagittarius partner hardly cares and nourishes his or her lover.

Sagittarius is mutable sign. A Sagittarius native is very much adaptable and flexible. Hence there is a chance that he or she will understand Cancers point of view. So a Cancer should try if a Cancer really loves a Sagittarius. Sagittarius and Cancer have to be patient to get the union mature and strong. If it improves then both of the Sun Signs will find that both have many things to share with each other. The most crucial thing about this combination is safety. Both have the capability to provide security to each other.

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