Sunsign Compatibility of
Cancer boy and Libra girl

A Libra native is attractive and charismatic. He or she is fully appealing. A Libra Sun Sign is very much stylish and graceful. He or she is educated in social refinement. He or she is intelligent and polished in behaviour. Libra is simple. Is it not enough to fall in love with a Libra Sun Sign? It is the reason to a Cancer native for falling in love of Libra.

The planet Moon is the ruler of Cancer. And Libra is ruled by the Venus. Moon is the planet of emotion whereas Venus is the planet of love and romance. Cancer is water element. But a Libra is air element. A Cancer native is satisfied if his or her emotional requirements are fulfilled. But a Libra native concentrates on what arouse his or her mind.

There is a problem in this combination. Libra likes to interact with different people always. He or she likes making friends. But a Cancer Sun Sign is reserved in talk, private. Cancer loves his or her family very much. Libra likes to attend a cocktail party in a week. But a Cancer Sun Sign remains anxious about the unpaid bills or dusts under his or her bed. Cancer actually lives in his or her own world. Cancer never wants to leave his or her children to a childminder. Cancer does not like this. But a Libra Sun Sign likes to spread his or her network. A Libra personality likes to go for a dinner. But Cancer thinks it is expensive and wastage of money. Libra may argue with Cancer as Cancer spends much of the time in kitchen. Libra feels if Cancer does not waste his or her time in kitchen then Cancer has many important works to do. Generally, a Libra native is not so good planner for his or her future. Hence it is clear that it will not be a perfect combination. But a fact is any combination works if Cancer wishes it badly. If Cancer really thinks that he or she is love with Libra partner then Cancer must provide all he or she possess. Cancer has to try his or her best to adjust with Libra. Cancer as well as Libra Sun Sign likes to provide the vital thing which is lacking in each other. This combination will progress slowly but steadily. Cancer and Libra start to understand each other as the time progresses. Each of them loves and respects his or her partner.

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