Sunsign Compatibility of
Cancer boy and Gemini girl

Cancer will be enamoured at the energetic nature of Gemini. Cancer will admire the capability of Geminis communication skills. Gemini likes to make many friends. Geminis interest in various subject will attracts a Cancer to the Gemini Sun Sign. Gemini will be in the top position whatever is new. But the question is whether it will possible to continue the same kind of attraction or not.

A Cancer native is flourished with nearness, powerful emotion and intimacy. But a Gemini Sun Sign is calm, separate and hard to pin down. Cancer is concerned and sympathetic. But a Gemini native likes to be ambitious. Gemini prefers logical views rather than emotional feelings. Geminis early isolation and secrecy may create a fascinating challenge at the beginning. But Cancer will realise very soon that a Gemini native is very hard to understand. Gemini is like a real live wire. Any movement of Gemini is fast. It will make exhausted to Cancer. Gemini is a mutable sign. Hence Gemini is much more bendable than a Cancer native. It will be a benefit to Gemini. For this reason Gemini will be able to adjust his or her mood regarding a Cancer lover.

At the time of physical relation, Gemini is witty and verbal. But the mood of a Cancer native is serious and sensitive maximum time. It is possible that a Gemini will not be able to dance with you on Cancers emotional stage. Gemini likes to experience his or her life from the outside. He or she has no intention to go close. Gemini is reluctant to go to the deep of something on a daily basis. Geminis fondness for examining anything including physical desire may seem expressively apparent, cold or more than necessary to a Cancer native. Gemini requires multiplicity and opposing commitment. But a Cancer native is exactly opposite of Gemini. Cancer likes to continue his or her day within schedule. Cancer prefers stability. The more Gemini opposes Cancers possessiveness the more needy and clingy a Cancer turns into. It should be remembered, Cancer.

Gemini likes adventure. Hence Cancer should allow Gemini to explore his or her world. In the mean time, Cancer must enhance emotional spectrum of Gemini by exhibiting Gemini what Gemini means to a Cancer. Cancer should make feel Gemini that he or she is secure with Gemini. Thus Cancer will be able to make this combination to a good one.

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