Sunsign Compatibility of
Cancer boy and Capricorn girl

It is a very good union. This combination is heavenly match. In this relation there is firmness as well as willpower. Cancer and Capricorn are located exactly opposite of the zodiac. Hence there is very much chance that it will be a successful and safe combination. A Capricorn native is objective and wants a successful career. Capricorn has the capability of shining in his or her occupation at the utmost place. Cancer also has the same objective. Hence it will not be any problem to understand the intention of a Capricorn Sun Sign. Cancer will support it. It is a very good communication. Both of you enjoy each others presence in this compatibility. Capricorn is an earth element. Hence a Capricorn Sun Sign is realistic and practical in nature. He or she is very much reliable. A Capricorn native wishes to invest his or her capital at the utmost level. A Cancer is also a good saver. So, Cancer and Capricorn prove to be a good union in respect of saving money.

The planet Moon is the ruler of Cancer. Moon is the planet of emotion. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. It is planet of karma. The Moon is warm whereas the Saturn is cold. Moon is nurturing in nature. A Capricorn likes discipline. Cancer is water element. But a Capricorn is earth element. Water element belongs to perception and nostalgia. But an earth element belongs to concentration.

Cancer is a water element. Cancer improves his or her sensitivity and perception in this combination and increase the chance of emotional field. At the time of physical relation, Cancer as well as Capricorn is a perfect match. Both of you have similar passion regarding lovemaking. A Capricorn Sun Sign takes his or her time to arouse the partner. He or she adores his or her lover excessively. Capricorn and Cancer will go to the dream at the time of physical relation. Cancer will appreciate Capricorn for his or her style of exciting during lovemaking. A Capricorn native is trustworthy to his or her partner. Hence, it is very much clear that Cancer may assure own to remain safe in the emotional perspective.

A Cancer native adores his or her children very much. Cancer prefers a secure family life. Cancer will be able to provide a Capricorn the sort of confidential life a Capricorn native always thought of. A Capricorn native is industrious and workaholic personality. But Cancer will endure it as Cancer likes this kind of life partner. Therefore, Cancer is advised that Cancer must not allow going the Capricorn from his or her hand.

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