Sunsign Compatibility of
Cancer boy and Aries girl

This combination will be a tough one. Cancer is the 1st water element in zodiac. Hence Cancer is very much sensitive. Affection, concern, safety and warmth are the preferable matters to a Cancer. A Cancer native bumps simply in a little criticism. To Cancer it is his or her family and home which is get the priorities. But an Aries native likes to create new venture. Aries Sun Sign is 1st among the zodiac. Hence it is the 1st fire element. So it will be noticed that an Aries personality will be noisy in nature. Aries is full on aggression. Naturally, an Aries is not very thoughtful. If Cancer involves in arguments with Aries then he or she will try all kind of effort to win it. It will not be any matter to Aries if the feeling of Cancer is hurt through this process. Aries is rude and he or she always goes to the extreme.

Many problems are present in this combination. Cancer acts slowly. But an Aries native is fast and quick in his or her activities. Aries likes to be straightforward. But a Cancer progresses in crisscross way. Cancer takes time for preparation.

Cancer native wants stability in every section of his or her life whether it is wedding or family life or kids. But an Aries is exactly opposite in this matter. An Aries wants the nuptial relation with his or her partner has to be hot. Otherwise Aries will go to the other for excitement. Physical relation is enthralling to an Aries in the initial stage. In case of Cancer it is not sufficient. Cancer longs for an intimate relation with his or her partner which will not be affected but the outsider. Cancer likes to love intensely. But an Aries does not like to wait for this. Hence Cancer may feel that Aries is fire bit possess lack of actual warmth. Cancer must not expect that Aries will take care of you. Aries has many other things to perform. It may disappoint a Cancer as Cancer likes to take care of everyone and he or she expects this also be happened with Cancer.

A Cancer native may take a risk after choosing Aries his or her life partner. In this case a Cancer has to be make good effort to get the victory in this combination. If a Cancer native does not want to refuse Aries then Cancer should work hard.

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