Sunsign Compatibility of
Cancer boy and Aquarius girl

Cancer and Aquarius are of different type. Cancer has to give his or her full effort if he or she wishes to surmount the main problems arises in this combination.

An Aquarius native loves to assemble information and building logical conclusion. On the other hand, a Cancer native collects knowledge from the experiences. Cancer native knows very well that his or her mind will direct towards the right path. A Cancer native possesses excessively developed instinct than an Aquarius native. This intuition is good for the Cancers.

The unfriendliness native of an Aquarius Sun Sign will trouble a Cancer. It is possible that initially Cancer will be attracted through the charming and mysterious behaviour of an Aquarius. But Aquarius will break the mind of Cancer after some time. A Cancer native is warm, firm and compassionate. If Aquarius will not respond sincerely at the call of Cancer then Cancer starts to compare it with the behaviour of Cancer under the same situation. It will not make a very good feeling for a Cancer. The problem is. Aquarius cannot understand the passion. An Aquarius native adores Cancers ability of intense emotion. But Aquarius cannot feel the same. Hence it may feel Cancer that Cancer is the giver in this relation.

A Cancer requires commitment. Cancer likes his or her family than anything. On the other hand, An Aquarius native is fond of liberty. He or she wishes to explore his or her own individuality. Hence Aquarius refuses to accept marriage. He or she feels that it will impose his or her requirement.

An Aquarius native possesses alluring eyes. Aquarius looks may fascinate Cancer. At the time of physical relation An Aquarius native will overwhelm Cancer through his or her exciting lovemaking. Aquarius has the capability to send his or her partner to another planet. It will be fun.

A Cancer is conventional in attitude. But an Aquarius hardly thinks about the earlier period. Aquarius has only interest in future. Aquarius likes to root out the rule. A Cancer will find it problematic to live with Aquarius for a long time. Cancer is more adaptable than the Aquarius. Therefore, in this combination only Cancer is capable of adjusting with it. In spite of that Cancer will finds him or her at the receiving end. Cancer will be exhausted in this relation.

A Cancer and Aquarius Sun Sign require ample time together. So that both of you take any important decisions for the future.

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