Sunsign Compatibility of
Aquarius boy and Taurus girl

It is not a good match, if there is no additional earth element in the horoscope of Aquarius to balance. Aquarius and Taurus both are fixed elements. It is a very tough blending because neither Aquarius nor Taurus will move from his or her stands. Excessive obstinate may annihilate this matching.

Many issues are present in this combination. One of those is physical relation. Your partner is physical sign which requires support and frequent expression of love. But you, Aquarius do not require displaying frequent love. Your partner is an individual of comfort. Your lover takes pleasure in beauty. Taurus is very much of physical relation. It is not that you do not enjoy the lovemaking. But to you lovemaking is not all important in life. After the early nuptial life your may feel that your honey desires excessively form you. Your lover has the tendency to become aggressive. You do not praise this quality of your lover as you give worth to your space. You have many projects, goals and experiments to complete. You will realize that your partner cannot understand your concentration on other matters except the relationship. Non-violence is the specialty of your partner. It will affect more in this combination when your lover does not find any other path to get your care and attention.

At the early of this relation you will be attracted by your lovers dependability, commitment and common sense. But it will be failed to impress Aquarius after sometime. Aquarius may find the life is boring with Taurus. Your lover has a powerful conservative line. But you are a real thinker. You will not agree with your honey in any political matter.

Besides, Taurus cannot make out the desire of Aquarius innovate and theoretical take on matters. Your lover does not spend time in analyzing as your do. Your honey prefers to stay at home. But you have to go outside home. Then you will be stimulated by the world.

If you really love your lover, it is certain that you enjoy the personality of your lover. In return, Taurus will learn to encourage and enjoy the personality, opinions of Aquarius. Taurus will understand your requirement to assist other people. Actually, you come to earth for the people, not for an individual. Your role is to make a better world. If you think that this relationship is working then you will be the happiest person in the world.

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