Sunsign Compatibility of
Aquarius boy and Sagittarius girl

The combination between Aquarius and Sagittarius will be spicy and sweet. It will be even better after time progress. Bothe Aquarius and Sagittarius are bright. You two have optimistic view. You think everything is possible. Aquarius is worried about new technology, social issues and future planning. Sagittarius is involved in learning and education. There is a possibility that you will enjoy the lively debates with your lover. Neither Aquarius nor Sagittarius will be upset if each other disagree. Both of you have a respect on individuality. Normally, you are fixed in your ideas. But your honey is flexible.

Your partner needs journey. But you love your time also. Hence both of you will agree in separate vacation sometimes. You have to be careful about the fact that if you go outside then you will become out of mind. Neither you nor your honey has any inclinations towards commitment. Hence you have to date normally before going to married. Both of you want to be assured if there is any chance to self-sacrifice.

In respect of physical relation you are almost perfect combination. But unfortunately, your honey is not as candid as you in lovemaking. If your partner gets better option for lovemaking then your lover will go for that. You are air element. Your lover is fire element. So, it is very much compatible. But the directness of your lover may be tough to handle. You are unconventional. You do not concern what people will think about you.

Sagittarius will produce some opportunities for Aquarius to do some valuable works. Particularly, your lover illuminates the house of social causes and friendship of you, Aquarius. Hence it is clear that your honey is a powerful help partner in an unselfish mission of you, Aquarius. Obviously, your honey will bring many new contacts and some close pals. Your partner may request you to join in an organization which eventually become worthy for you.

This blending will never be faced with boring moment. You and your lover will become very good friend too. Both You and your honey are romantic and excited about life. Together you will spend cheerful moments. As a union you never fear to fall down. Your lover will always come with new ideas. But your lover will not be able to carry on the ideas for long time. But you have the capability to carry out the idea.

If you love your Sagittarius then go for it, Aquarius. It will be a very good match.

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