Sunsign Compatibility of
Aquarius boy and Libra girl

It is a lively and thrilling match of 2 similar hearts. It will certainly be a good blending. Both Aquarius and Libra enjoy participating in social functions. Neither you nor your lover wishes to stay at home. You and your partner both are busy in your activities. So, you may go for a dinner to spend some time together. This relationship is very much modern.

It is true that in any relation couple wants to fit each other. You have to be careful about his fact. Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius. So, your task is to go forward and discovers new things. In due course you may go against the established fact sometimes. Venus is the ruling planet of your lover. Your lover wants to meet with people. Your partner has an inclination towards making friends. Libra has strong desire to become popular. Your honey will try to bring harmony into a relationship. Your will realize that your role is very much different from Libra. You are a symbol of extremes. The pals of Libra belong to art category. But your friends belong to science category. However your pals blend well. Your honey has the ability to entertain beautifully.

Your honey wants to get married as Libra is a marriage symbol. But you love liberty and space. You do not commit easily. In case of physical attraction, you connect in a divine way. You like to make experiment and fun at the time of physical relation. Your lover is elegant and has an alluring personality. Your partner pays great care to his or her looks even at the old age. Your honey enjoys your romantic and playful move towards physical relation.

Aquarius will realize that your honey is more romantic than you. Hence you should allow your sweetheart to lead for few starry evenings. In case of physical desire you and your lover dance in similar frequency. But you are not as touching as a Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio native. Still, the sun of Aquarius illuminates the real love house of Libra. Hence, this combination will stay strong enough. Your honey illuminates the house of philosophical thinking and travel of you.

This combination will get 4 out of 5-star. Both Aquarius and Libra are air elements. And air elements love to go along. In this case, you and your lover know very well how to speak objectively and clearly. It will be a busy, rich and noisy life with Libra.

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