Sunsign Compatibility of
Aquarius boy and Leo girl

Aquarius is 11th and Leo is 5th place in zodiac, i.e. you two are located exactly opposite to each other. It means you will either fight or hug together. If it works then you, Aquarius will find a perfect partner in Leo. You are air sign. Leo is fire sign. Your partner likes to make a relation with Aquarius as you will help your lover to shine much more. Your partner has a weakness to culture and luxury. You like these qualities of Leo. You do not want to pamper your partner.

The kindness and fun making ability of Leo is good for Aquarius and Leo, both. Leo will respect the powerful logic of Aquarius. There is a problem. Both Aquarius and Leo are fixed signs. So, neither of you will be flexible. Therefore, if there is any different point of view in this relation, it may affect badly. One of you has to improve the adaptability if you want to go long way together.

Your partner is noble. Your partner likes to maintain social status. You are open-minded. You love to shake up the conventional thoughts of the society. You wish to modernize something which is turned old. Sometimes you may accuse your partner for his or her conservativeness. Your partner will confess this eagerly.

Your partner needs approval and respect from other people. But you are not the one who wishes for respect or approval. Your partner will never be able to change this nature. Hence it will be good for you not to go to change the feelings of your honey. Rather you may try to help your lover to think practically. It will not be a tough task to do.

The ego of your lover is very much powerful. Your partner expects your attention keenly. It may be another obstacle in this relation. You do not have any ego. The fact is the time which is very short to you. You are busy in your ventures all the time. It is the main reason to Leos disappointment.

In case of nuptial relation, your honey is very warm and expressive. Your partner will bring all types of luxuries into your bedroom to charm you. Your honey is lusty and playful. Your lover thinks that ardent is best parts of the life. So your honey expect not only your existence but also you energetic involvement. It may be a beneficial to you. Your lover is right. Occasionally, you become too much work oriented and serious.

So, Aquarius should go for Leo. It will be a very good combination if you try.

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