Sunsign Compatibility of
Aquarius boy and Capricorn girl

Capricorn and Aquarius are adjacent to each other. Hence there are many differences in this combination. So each other sign will fill up the deficiency of each other. Your Capricorn may ask you the reason for emphasizing much on the planning of future. Your lover likes to remain in past. Hence your honey likes old songs, antiques, etc. But you are busy in surfing the web or find out a store of new computers. Your lover likes to spend his or her capital in valuable things. But you are so much different in this matter.

But, it will not hamper your relation if you enjoy the differences. You enjoy your partners realistic and hard working quality. Your partner is very much concerned about the fame and reputation. Sometime the social consciousness of Capricorn will irritate Aquarius. Your lover respects your unrestricted thinking and the experimental move towards life.

Normally, your lover is much more money oriented than you. It will be blessing to you. Capricorn will make plan for your retirement and make it improve. It is possible that you may think it is not needed at this time. But you will certainly be happy for this. If it happens that the dependants of your lover for supporting him or her for a period is increased then it will be a quite difficult situation. Your lover is objective. So Capricorn wishes to see improvement in the career of Aquarius. Your lover will be very happy at the increasing of your salary and status. Aquarius is not fully self-oriented. You like to work for greater good of the world. You have long term plans. Capricorn must learn for living without quick satisfaction from the career of Aquarius.

In respect of physical relation, your lover is physical and sensual. But Aquarius is not as much as Capricorn. Hence you have to hear the complaints or dance with similar frequency of Capricorn. But, in some way you may be able to satisfy your lover. You are good talker. You are the symbol of ambitious scientist who pulls up a theory and then examine carefully.

Understanding and love dominate most of the problems in life. Hence you have to find out where the problems are though it is not a simple task to do. And then you should face them directly. Your must apply you magical communication power. If you give your best effort then this combination may work.

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