Sunsign Compatibility of
Aquarius boy and Cancer girl

The blending of Aquarius and Cancer is not going to be easy. Aquarius is logical and ambitious. You are air element. But Cancer is emotional. Your lover is water element. Your lover likes to stay at home. But you cannot do it. It will be very difficult to you. You partner like to take care of your children. After grown up of your children Cancer will spend much more time at home. It may be the cause of your disturbance. You will be irritated after some time. Your lover will ask you to know the reason behind not interested in the family. In return, you may ask your lover the reason behind thinking so much of past.

Your lover expects commitment from you. But you are liberal. Your honey is more flexible than you. So, in this relation only your lover has the ability to adjust with all kinds of situations. Hence your lover will discover him or herself at the receiving end. Your honey may be tired of this relation.

Your lover requires plenty of attention and caring. It is not your forte. You hardly provide time to your lover. Your sign directs you to spend the energy for the well being of world. But, if you really love your partner then you will keep your day for the world and the evening for your honey. Your partner will respect you with his or her loyalty. Cancer will take care of you softly and sympathetically. Cancer loves to cook your love-dish in dinner. Your partner tries to maintain all sorts of family tradition. You will be given a conventional family life which you do not think still present. You have to be careful. You are a unsentimental person. And this kind of nature is very much dissimilar from your romantic Cancer. Thus you will hurt the feelings of your lover without your knowledge. The toughest part in this combination will be the pray of your partner to spend much more time with you, Aquarius.

You, Aquarius have captivating and enthralling eyes. Your appearance may attract your lover. At the time of conjugal relation you will overwhelm your lover through your electrifying lovemaking. You have the ability to send your honey to another planet. It will be entertaining to both of you. If you wish Cancer as your partner then you have to give lots of effort. The sensibilities of you are some extent of different. But if Aquarius wishes it to take place then it will be a good combination.

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