Sunsign Compatibility of
Virgo boy and Aquarius girl

If you are in love with Aquarius then you instinctively wish to be inclined by an individual who is extremely different from you. Aquarius people are idiosyncratic. They are not traditional. Aquarius natives are eccentric and forgetful occasionally. But you are attentive, anxious, traditional, productive and careful and like to go to the details. Both of you possess coolly intention. So it is clear that Virgo and Aquarius have some similarities as well as dissimilarities.

Virgo and Aquarius are scholar people. Therefore the conversations between you and Aquarius will be energetic and inspiring. Both have the capacity of absorbing huge amount of data. You are organised individual. But an Aquarius is not organised. Aquarius eradicates the established fact. Aquarius likes to challenge the state of affairs. But the role of Virgo is to join the pieces which have been split. You do not wish to challenge a proven fact. But Aquarius does every time.

In many relationships, there are some issues related to money. But the pair of Virgo and Aquarius does not face this kind of issue. Neither Virgo not Aquarius wishes to spend money extravagantly. And each other have the potentiality to heed each other views when it is the matter of economical issue.

The reason behind the forgetfulness of Aquarius is they do not wish to memorize needless details. But you are not similar in this case. You are filled with minute details. Aquarius respects Virgo for possessing this kind of qualities. But you should not make an issue with the forgetful nature of your Aquarius partner. An intellect must be free of mind for much more theoretical thinking.

Virgo and Aquarius perfectly matched in bedroom. You illuminate the house of lovemaking in the horoscope of Aquarius. Therefore Aquarius discovers you eternally enthralling in bed. The approach of Aquarius is exciting, erratic, remarkable and experimental at the time of physical relation. Aquarius is much more productive than you in lovemaking. Aquarius must realize that it is against the nature of a Virgo who is reserve. But it will not lessen the attraction towards each other. The emotional aloofness of Aquarius may be alright with you at early stage. But if the lovemaking remains excessively platonic and does develop in emotional point of view then you will cut the knot in spite of an amazing physical relation. Virgo likes candlelight and romance. But Aquarius will feel it is a sweet sentimental of you.

It is a fact that it is not like another classical combination. But Virgo may try for it. If it works then it will be priceless.

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