Chinese Astrology Free Baby Gender Prediction

Source of this secreat is from a chart which was found recently by a Chinese scientist.. The discovery was of a chart which is capable of the determining baby gender before a baby is born. This chart was buried inside a tomb for long time ago around 700 years. The chart is made in metal and is kept in the Beijing Science Institute. The accuracy of the chart has been proven by millions of people and is believed to be 98% accurate!

  Name :
  Date Of Birth :
  Date of Conception :

To calculate this fist you need to calculate the Chinese Age of the Women who is expecting the baby. Chinese age is not english Age but a different calculation system.

As per Chinese calender they count age from the date of birth and your birth year is counted as year one. Chinese years starts at around Jan end and it changes every year. And then on every Chinese new year your age is incremented by one year irrespective of the month you are born..

Once you know your Chinese age, also note down the date of conception. Then both the data fit in the following table to know if you are expecting a Boy or Girl.

Chinese Gender Table

From the above table if as per Chinese astrology if an women has Chinese age as 30 and Month is 01 then the Gender is B-Boy. Similarly if for the Women of age 30 with month 02 then the Gender expected of the baby is Girl. This table was a result of study of many many peoples and was claimed to be very accurate, so the table was buried under the said tomb to destroy the theory.

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