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Characteristics of Person born on may 24th :

You are a person who is full of enthusiasm. Your life is a worth life for you and your surroundings. You may be the ideal of your age. The weakness of your characteristic is that you frequently belief the persons even the strangers. This particular attitude may give you harm and even fall you in danger. You are also a person of proper combination of brain and duty. Your duty and youth may remarkably exist with you for all your life. So you may look young through-out your whole life. You have a great devotion towards you children. If you dont have your own children, it is possible that you may like to adopt a child and you may love and care the baby as your own one.

With the particular quality you may able to achieve the love and care of others. You possess many idealistic views. All your ideas look like unique. Your companions also possess such kind of point of views. So you have a great bonding with them. It is also true that the bonding with you and your opposite gender is really strong. But it is clearly stated that it is more from the stand point of affection and good comradeship than from passion. You really love to give enjoyment and pleasure to your friends. As a whole you love the social life.

You are also a home seek person. You like to spend the quality times with your family members. You love to love your lover passionately. You also like entertainments and amusement of all kinds. You also may involve yourself in the social working and it may give you a proper respect and fame. You also love the beauty of nature. You like to pass your times with gardening and flowering. You love music and all forms of art. This will apply to you and you have considerable talent in the above direction.

You also possess a great heart with full of emotions, love, cares and enthusiasm. You devote yourself to some high ideals, leaving behind you foot prints on the stands of time. You can love or hate with full of your heart. You could be an angel or a devil in your emotions. You dont have any control at your emotions. It may be a danger for you. So you are advised to control on your emotions. If you were convinced that for the good of humanity your purpose in life was to rebel and you would stick at nothing to fulfil what you consider to be your duty. You love to help the persons, who are at their hardship. You will be deeply attracted to mysticism and you may have many unusual experiences in connection with such things.

Friends of Person born on may 24th :

You may able to make a good number of friends from your school life and some of them may be with you at the end of your life. It may also happen that the people, born on the month of January, will be very good friends of you may choose your life partner from the friends of your school. Some of your college friends may be very supportive to you. But sometimes they also need your help and cooperation very strongly. So be friendly and cooperative to them to maintain your friendship. But the persons are born on the months of November and first week of December, may not able to match their vibes and views with you. So try to be selective while you will choose your friends. You may be assisted by your colleagues too and with the help of few of your colleague, you may able to prosper your career easily. So be thankful to them.

Health of Person born on may 24th :

You may be liable to fatty detention of the heart and dropsical condition in your later years. But such things are in your own power to control. There is a possibility that you may suffer from the ailments related to your lungs, bronchial tubes and throat and it may happen due to your proneness of cold. So try to avoid the cold things and cool nature. You may have a slender symmetrical form in your early years which are likely to ruin, as you advance in your life by over indulgence in suit stuffs. There is also a possibility that you may suffer from the problems related to the eyes and ears. You are also advised to test your eyes on a regular basis.

Colour: for Person born on may 24th :

Violet is the favourable colour fir the students. Those who a have any important interview related to new service, they must wear the dress with the colour of crme. But those who have the interview for promotion in their service life, they should wear ted res with the colour of purple, from the lightest to darkest. It may help you to make a magnetic personality which may strongly work at your interview board. All shades of blue are the favourable colour for those who are related to business affair. If you want to flourish your career and overcome your financial dropdown condition, you must wear the dresses coloured by white. The green colour, specially the lightest one is the fortunate for those who are related to the public sectors. All the above colours may able to bring fortune on a large scale for you on your respective fields of work.

Finance of Person born on may 24th :

If you had to go into business, you would make a success of enterprises connected with the luxurious side of life more than any other, such things as the decoration of home, dress and follower shops, the food centre, restaurants, and even hotel business. With the help of these fields you may able to flourish your finance at a large and considerable scale. You may also able to make your financial condition flourishing, you may involve with the fields of artistic professions. You may able to make money from teaching profession also. But you need to focus and be honest at your respective fields of action. Many opportunities may come on the way of your life. But the main thing is that you have to avail the right one on the right time. So be thoughtful and serious before taking any decisions. But on a whole, you are more or less lucky in money matters. You also try to save some for your future.

Career of Person born on may 24th :

You possess and intense feelings and emotions. With the help of this you may able to start your career from the platforms of literature. You possess a right power of criticism. So you also be a critic. You have a great luck for business also. So you may involve with the fields of hotel business or business related to dress or flower. You feel sympathy and pity for those people who belong to the slums. You may engage yourself to the social works and even to the politics because these fields may give you a great popularity among the common masses. You may avail the artistic professions like music, paintings, drama or even theatre.

Famous Persons born on may 24th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Stanley Baxter 24/05/1926
Vittorio Biagi 24/05/1941
Rosangela Bosenbecker 24/05/1972
Rosimari Bosenbecker 24/05/1972
Raymond Buckey 24/05/1958
John Baptist Cardan 24/05/1534
Cristiano Carratti 24/05/1970
George Washington Carver 24/05/1864
James Crenshaw 24/05/1908
Sybil Danning 24/05/1947
Emma Belle Donath 24/05/1932
Jose Duchant 24/05/1941
Bob Dylan 24/05/1941
Matthew Eappen 24/05/1996
Stig Erlander 24/05/1928
Suza Francia 24/05/1949
Adrian Frutiger 24/05/1928
Robert C Graham 24/05/1852
Linda Jardine 24/05/1944
Suzanne Lenglen 24/05/1899
Elsa Maxwell 24/05/1883
Luciano Minguzzi 24/05/1911
Jim Mora 24/05/1935
Eileen Nauman 24/05/1946
Priscilla Presley 24/05/1945
Nona Glynn Press 24/05/1933
Jennifer Raymond 24/05/1951
Gianmario Roveraro 24/05/1936
John Robert Russell 24/05/1917
Jacob Schwartz 24/05/1932
Jan Christian Smuts 24/05/1870
Brunella Tocci 24/05/1937
Queen Victoria 24/05/1819
David Viscott 24/05/1938
Charles Webb 24/05/1987
Eleanora Zugan 24/05/1913
Chick Hannan 24/05/1901
Richard Warner 24/05/1911
Jadin Wong 24/05/1913
Lilli Palmer 24/05/1914
George Tabori 24/05/1914
Emily Fitzroy 24/05/1915
Lois Lindsay 24/05/1916
Tony Barrett 24/05/1916
Don Megowan 24/05/1922
Siobhan McKenna 24/05/1923
Seijun Suzuki 24/05/1923
Freddie Earlle 24/05/1924
Dave Geisel 24/05/1925
Jenna McMahon 24/05/1925
Mai Zetterling 24/05/1925
Stanley Baxter 24/05/1926
Desmond Davis 24/05/1926
Dick Curtis 24/05/1928
David Chow 24/05/1929
Amir Shervan 24/05/1929
Joyce Terry 24/05/1930
Jim Clark 24/05/1931
Michael Lonsdale 24/05/1931
Walter Alzmann 24/05/1932
Victoria Hopper 24/05/1933
Andrew Bertinelli 24/05/1934
Charlie Dick 24/05/1934
Renny Lister 24/05/1934
Robert Russell 24/05/1936
Robert Warner 24/05/1937
Timothy Brown 24/05/1937
Mihailo 'Misa' Janketic 24/05/1938
Tommy Chong 24/05/1938
Vladimir Zlatoustovsky 24/05/1939
John 'Cha Cha' Ciarcia 24/05/1940
Arvin Brown 24/05/1940
Mart Hulswit 24/05/1940
Bob Dylan 24/05/1941
Gary Burghoff 24/05/1943
Steve Carlson 24/05/1943
Cami Sebring 24/05/1943
Fiona Walker 24/05/1944
José de Abreu 24/05/1946
Waddy Wachtel 24/05/1947
Svetlana Toma 24/05/1947
Judith Kahan 24/05/1948
Mariwin Roberts 24/05/1948
William Forward 24/05/1949
Rob Edwards 24/05/1949
Carla Ferrigno 24/05/1949
Jim Broadbent 24/05/1949
Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez 24/05/1950
Willis Bouchey 24/05/1951
Jean-Pierre Bacri 24/05/1951
Charles Chiodo 24/05/1952
Yana Nirvana 24/05/1953
Nell Campbell 24/05/1953
Alfred Molina 24/05/1953
Rosanne Cash 24/05/1955
Bill Jenkins 24/05/1955
Noland Clay 24/05/1957
Christopher Figg 24/05/1957
Annie LaRussa 24/05/1959
Drake Sather 24/05/1959
Priscilla Presley 24/05/1959
Nula Conwell 24/05/1959
Patti LaBelle 24/05/1960
Robert Deacon 24/05/1960
Doug Jones 24/05/1960
Shô Aikawa 24/05/1961
Gene Anthony Ray 24/05/1962
Amanda Silver 24/05/1963
Michael Chabon 24/05/1963
Carmen Di Pietro 24/05/1965
Andrés García 24/05/1966
Tamer Karadagli 24/05/1967
Bruno Putzulu 24/05/1967
Kelli O'Donnell 24/05/1967
Heavy D 24/05/1967
Stephen Beckett 24/05/1967
Jordan Alan 24/05/1967
Frédéric Jardin 24/05/1968
Chuck Carrington 24/05/1968
Charles De'Ath 24/05/1968
Julie Dretzin 24/05/1968
Carl Anthony Payne II 24/05/1969
Tommy Page 24/05/1970
Robert Ross 24/05/1970
Zhangke Jia 24/05/1970
Steve Pierson 24/05/1971
Thomas Langmann 24/05/1971
Vivianne Pasmanter 24/05/1971
Bassem Samra 24/05/1971
Ringan Ledwidge 24/05/1971
Julien Seri 24/05/1971
Rosanna Roces 24/05/1972
Sebastian Blomberg 24/05/1972
Jessica Gunn 24/05/1973
Dermot O'Leary 24/05/1973
Julián Villagrán 24/05/1973
Shirish Kunder 24/05/1973
Daniel Giersch 24/05/1974
Dash Mihok 24/05/1974
Thorbjørn Harr 24/05/1974
Milena Dreißig 24/05/1975
Johannes Roberts 24/05/1976
Jelena Djokic 24/05/1977
Kym Valentine 24/05/1977
Leslie Kritzer 24/05/1977
Naomi Ryan 24/05/1977
Jo Joyner 24/05/1977
Leonid Prudovsky 24/05/1978
Amelia Cooke 24/05/1979
Griet van Damme 24/05/1980
Billy L. Sullivan 24/05/1980
Arya Babbar 24/05/1981
Andy Lee 24/05/1981
Jeremy Dash 24/05/1981
Katherine Barrese 24/05/1981
Jerod Mixon 24/05/1981
Alexandre Nguyen 24/05/1981
Göksun Çam 24/05/1982
Jeremy Torgerson 24/05/1982
Paul Joseph Watson 24/05/1982
Alexander Bedria 24/05/1982
Raquel Harper 24/05/1982
Victor von Schirach 24/05/1984
Sarah Hagan 24/05/1984
Victor Browne 24/05/1985
Mark Ballas 24/05/1986
Jordan Metcalfe 24/05/1986
Billy Gilman 24/05/1988
Jonathan Platero 24/05/1988
Brianne Howey 24/05/1989
Tara Correa-McMullen 24/05/1989
Argiris Karras 24/05/1989
Sam Kessel 24/05/1989
Joey Logano 24/05/1990
Félix Moati 24/05/1990
Benjamin Sutherland 24/05/1990
Oliver Davis 24/05/1993
Paul Robert Langdon 24/05/1995
Garett Maggart 24/05/1996
Marcuz Jess Petersen 24/05/1998
Tarjei Sandvik Moe 24/05/1999
Ricky Mabe 24/05/2000
Juan Carlos Arvelo 24/05/2001
Paul Marcarelli 24/05/2001
Cole Sand 24/05/2003

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