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Characteristics of Person born on march 22nd :

The strongest and the weakest characters are found in you. Sometimes you may incline to gratify your innate sense of luxury and self indulgence. You may be dominated by some of your characteristics. You will be moved easily by your surroundings. You also easily influenced by your false friends. Due to some cases you may be inclined to addiction to drugs or drinks. You have a soul in you. Your soul is highly possessed with the artistic sense. Due to your artistic quality you possess proper sense of literature, music and even art. You have an exceptional want. You like to buy the antique pieces or even the rare painting. You may have vision, dreams.

You have also the keen intuition about the people and things. You may achieve some great opportunity. If you utilize the proper chance at the right time, you may able to prosper your career and earn money. You should avoid rash speculation of all kinds. You are an ordinary personality and possess some distinctive quality from your friends. You will like very few persons and your desire may be to keep to yourself as much as possible. You are a sensitive, retiring disposition person. You may have a very earnest but hidden leaning towards the investigation of unusual phenomena and physical research. You like to face the mysterious incidents.

You may involve with the physical exercise. You may also be acquainted with some unusual experiences. Sometimes you may be inclined to keep to yourself. People may like you for your pleasing personality. You may able to lead a happy conjugal life. But there is a problem that your relationship with your parents and with your larger family will not be good. Basically you are a home seek person.

You like to execute your plans in reality. You will be original in your ideas. Your views always come as an unconventional one. You may be very independent in actions and inclined to attract criticism in all you do. In the later part of your life some eccentric qualities may attack you. But your positive outlook may change such of your problem. You are generally fond of the sea and large expanses of water if circumstances do not permit you to travel, you will, you may possibly can, make your homes where you can see the ocean, or on the side of some lake or river. You have a great fortune in business. So you try to start your business from a small scale. In business you are good in dealing with shipping and tread with foreign country.

Friends of Person born on march 22nd :

With the help of your voracious knowledge and fond of reading, you may able to make a huge number of fans at your life. The class of your friends are mostly upgraded and genius. The persons, who are born on the month of October, may be your most close friends and these friends will live with you forever and may assist you in all the waves of life. And be with them and enjoy the friendship. But the persons, who are born on the month of august, may never be your friends. They always try to make any danger for you. So be apart from them. So you are advised to be very careful regarding your friends. The persons who are working in the private sectors may achieve a supportive boss as well as few supportive officemates. But it is not be applicable for those persons who are working in the government sectors. You will also get some good partners at your partnership business.

Health of Person born on march 22nd :

You are likely no to feel strong or robust. But this may be largely due to your tendency to develop your morbid as you advance in life and to feel criticism too keenly. Though you have a strong fascination for three fast foods you have to avoid them just to live a healthy life. You have a great tendency of acidity. So you are advised to take food in time. Try to take your sleep properly and in time also. You have to take a balance diet through-out a day. If you cannot be able to maintain the rules, you have to suffer from various kinds of health disorder. You may also suffer from nervous breakdown, cardiac failure and even a great problem of your eye sight. You are advised to check up your eyes regularly with support of a good physician. You must develop your peculiar views regarding your regular diet.

Colour: for Person born on march 22nd :

With the help of gold and yellow colour the doctor may make their fortune more favourable and prosperous. The persons who are related to the field of architecture must wear the dress of grey colour. Golden colour is favourable for the students. The lucky colour for the engineer is violet. If you have any important meeting regarding your business you must wear the dress coloured by blue. The persons who are related to the any self financed projects may use the dress of all, shades of sapphire from lightest to darkest. Purple colour is favourable for the politicians. Brown is lucky for the artist. The musician may wear the dress of mauve colour at t5heier any serious dates. All the above colours may bring fortune for the persons of the respective field.

Finance of Person born on march 22nd :

You may able to flourish your financial condition with the help of your inherent property. There is a possibility that you may earn a lot of money from any unexpected sources like lottery or any kind. It is also true that you earn a huge property from more than two sources. You may belong to a prosperous family so you dont need to be worried regarding your financial condition at all. But you are strictly advised to ke4eep yourself away from any kind of gambling or horse races because this may be the cause of your financial dropdown. If you lend money to other especially to your friend you cannot get back the money. You must think twice before invest a huge money at your business because there is a possibility of loss from your business.

Career of Person born on march 22nd :

You may start your career with the help of any government project. If it is not available to you, you may start with a self financed project too. The students may achieve their desired goal very easily. The persons who are involved with any government sector may able to get their desired promotion. And by this way they may able to flourish their career at a large. You may also start the projects related to any kind of voluntary activities. This may produce a respective respect and honour for you. You may put your hand in the field of politics because of your critical mind you may able to fix your positions in the politics.

Famous Persons born on march 22nd

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
John Bartholomew 22/03/1860
Johannes Charion 22/03/1499
Dr Clark 22/03/1895
Charles E Dederich 22/03/1913
Paul Doumer 22/03/1857
Giuseppe Galderisi 22/03/1963
Annamaria Gambineri 22/03/1936
Jacob Geller 22/03/1979
Orrin G Hatch 22/03/1934
Bob Kaufman 22/03/1931
Linden Leisge 22/03/1944
Karl Malden 22/03/1912
Marcel Marceau 22/03/1923
Gerald Markoe 22/03/1941
Chico Marx 22/03/1887
Tom McCall 22/03/1913
Robert A Millikan 22/03/1868
Barry J Minkow 22/03/1966
Hans Niggemann 22/03/1891
Nicchia Oldoini 22/03/1837
Mary A Peter 22/03/1892
Prince Pieter Christiaan 22/03/1972
Susie Porter 22/03/1919
Doris Prytula 22/03/1930
Francesco Quinn 22/03/1963
William Shatner 22/03/1931
Brian Keith Shaw 22/03/1966
Benjamin Smith 22/03/1978
Stephen Sondheim 22/03/1930
Jane Statlander 22/03/1943
Elvis Stojko 22/03/1972
Milo Sebastian Sussman 22/03/1997
Eugene S Tabbot 22/03/1902
Penny Thornton 22/03/1946
William Travilla 22/03/1920
Anthony Van Dyck 22/03/1599
Arthur H Vandenberg 22/03/1884
Roger Whittaker 22/03/1936
Kaiser Wilhelm I 22/03/1797
Eberhard Wilhelm Wilsdorf 22/03/1881
Jonah Wilson 22/03/1969
Grigoriy Kozintsev 22/03/1905
Iris Sadler 22/03/1908
Louis L'Amour 22/03/1908
Sol Gorss 22/03/1908
Milt Kahl 22/03/1909
Dan Riss 22/03/1910
Karl Malden 22/03/1912
Wilfrid Brambell 22/03/1912
Lew Wasserman 22/03/1913
Jack Stewart 22/03/1913
James Westerfield 22/03/1913
Fred Crane 22/03/1918
Eivor Landström 22/03/1919
James Brown 22/03/1920
Nino Manfredi 22/03/1921
Stewart Stern 22/03/1922
Inez Cooper 22/03/1922
Mario Gallo 22/03/1923
Carmen Filpi 22/03/1923
Lionel Wilson 22/03/1924
Gilles Pelletier 22/03/1925
Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi 22/03/1927
Virginia Grey 22/03/1927
Yayoi Kusama 22/03/1929
Pat Robertson 22/03/1930
Patricia Norris 22/03/1931
Robert Kaufman 22/03/1931
Richard Easton 22/03/1933
Linden Chiles 22/03/1933
Larry Martyn 22/03/1934
Orrin Hatch 22/03/1934
Lael Jackson 22/03/1935
Roger Whittaker 22/03/1936
Peter Heisser 22/03/1937
Peter Vogel 22/03/1937
Angelo Badalamenti 22/03/1937
Michael Westmore 22/03/1938
Ralph S. Singleton 22/03/1940
Hussein Fahmy 22/03/1940
Barbara Wilkin 22/03/1940
Jeremy Clyde 22/03/1941
George Benson 22/03/1943
Eric Roth 22/03/1945
Dyanik Zurakowska 22/03/1947
James Patterson 22/03/1947
Carter Wong 22/03/1947
Eileen Wesson 22/03/1947
Tony Pope 22/03/1947
Elaine Donnelly 22/03/1948
Wolf Blitzer 22/03/1948
Mary Tamm 22/03/1950
Michael Adams 22/03/1950
Hugo Egon Balder 22/03/1950
Herman Weigel 22/03/1950
Lloyd Fonvielle 22/03/1950
Gardner Baldwin 22/03/1951
Milan Strljic 22/03/1952
Dagmar Havlová 22/03/1953
Tommy Hollis 22/03/1954
Stephanie Mills 22/03/1957
Michael Mosley 22/03/1957
Margie DeMeyer 22/03/1957
Jasmine Sabu 22/03/1957
Laurie Lennard 22/03/1958
Greg Cruttwell 22/03/1960
Cinzia De Carolis 22/03/1960
Nicole Holofcener 22/03/1960
Christopher Jackson 22/03/1960
Antonia San Juan 22/03/1961
Gen Fukunaga 22/03/1961
Jackson Lou 22/03/1962
Katarzyna Figura 22/03/1962
Adrien Dorval 22/03/1963
Aleisa Shirley 22/03/1963
Slobodan Skerlic 22/03/1964
Emma Wray 22/03/1965
Werner Klemperer 22/03/1965
Rick Harrison 22/03/1965
Steve Toussaint 22/03/1965
Cécile Pallas 22/03/1966
Sara Crowe 22/03/1966
Max Richter 22/03/1966
Eric Bruskotter 22/03/1966
Gary Janetti 22/03/1966
Karl Hardman 22/03/1968
Andreas Pietschmann 22/03/1969
Jenny Tomasin 22/03/1970
Anja Kling 22/03/1970
Maria Hengge 22/03/1970
Matt Bogart 22/03/1971
Laila Goody 22/03/1971
Iben Hjejle 22/03/1971
Shawn Bradley 22/03/1972
Dax Griffin 22/03/1972
Beverley Knight 22/03/1973
Andrew Lloyd Webber 22/03/1973
Eric Giovon 22/03/1974
Bea Segura 22/03/1975
Marko Gvero 22/03/1975
Reese Witherspoon 22/03/1976
Jazsmin Lewis 22/03/1976
Kellie Shanygne Williams 22/03/1976
Shelley Longworth 22/03/1976
Dinesh Lal Yadav 22/03/1979
Ben Johnson 22/03/1979
Kandyse McClure 22/03/1980
Melissa Paull 22/03/1980
Martha Issová 22/03/1981
Kaiser Chuang 22/03/1981
Vincent Cusimano 22/03/1981
Mel Fair 22/03/1982
Hugo Catalán 22/03/1982
David Katzenberg 22/03/1983
Christina Bennett Lind 22/03/1983
Heather Lind 22/03/1983
Dylan Jury 22/03/1983
Likun Wang 22/03/1985
Shea Fowler 22/03/1985
Leilah Sutherland 22/03/1985
Lizzie Brocheré 22/03/1985
Matt Bush 22/03/1986
Francesco Quinn 22/03/1986
Leyicet Gokey 22/03/1986
Dada Chan 22/03/1989
J.J. Watt 22/03/1989
Tyler Oakley 22/03/1989
Samantha Colley 22/03/1989
Keegan-Michael Key 22/03/1989
Viktor Khorinyak 22/03/1990
Kelli King 22/03/1992
Mick Hazen 22/03/1993
Vesta Lugg 22/03/1995
Mehdi Meskar 22/03/1995
Jonathan Mason 22/03/1996
Karyn Dwyer 22/03/1999
Tania Raymonde 22/03/2000
Chittsawangdee Pawat 22/03/2000
Lina Keller 22/03/2000

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