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Characteristics of Person born on december 10th :

You possess an extremely active, resourceful brain. You are really quick in thought and action especially in the way you will resent plodding and monotonous work. You may not easily find your partner or an associate with whom you can continue for long, consequently you may expect many changes to influence your life or career. All schemes of the getting rich quick may attract you. You nature may be dual or two sided, nearly always engaged in two or more things.

You may be inclined to love two persons at the same time and not be able to decide which one you desired the most. You are likely, at the some part of your life to keep up two homes, and you may make two marriages. Although of a deeply affectionate disposition, you are seldom demonstrative and you are wrongly considered cold an unemotional. Generally you have splendid memories and store up knowledge of all kinds in your mind.

You have a great dislike of being dedicated to, you are mostly devoted and faithful towards your confident. You require encouragement and appreciation to fulfil you aims. You posses an enormous energy for your work and you lire to do everything to finish you proposed work. You also possess a lot ambition but you are advised to keep it well under control. You really love the outdoor games and sports and generally excel in such things. You have great respect for law and order and you like to involve yourself in this particular field.

You dislike to be a under a master and for that every reason you generally rise to be your own master. You may succeed in life to have control over others and have all the elements to make a distinct success in whatever career you may follow. You may be lucky with partners and associates, provided you are the absolute head of the concern. You may be almost equally practical and idealistic at the same time, with great ideas of philanthropy and humanity to man.

You may become interested in large institutions, such as schools, colleges, hospitals, and should you become wealthy, you may leave large sums to charities of all kinds. You may always be ready to help the sick, independent of creeds, and you may look forward to gaining honours in whatever community you may belong to. You may be fortunate in associations with large concerns, especially those engaged in industry, mining the opening up and development of land, transportation and possibly shipping.

Friends of Person born on december 10th :

You may have a huge numbers of friends at your school life. But most of them may not with at the end of life and most of them will not friend as its proper meaning. They always try to take advantage of you. But dont need to be worried because some of them may always be with to help you at all the problems and critical situation. So be with them. Some of your office-mates may also be very supportive and co-operative. But it is applicable for those who are working in the private sectors. But those who are working in the Government sectors may get a very supportive boss. Some of your neighbours may also very good and friendly towards you. So be with them .The persons who are born on the months of last part of December and early part January, may be very friendly and co-operative to you. But the persons of March, may not be friendly to you. They always may try to harm you.

Health of Person born on december 10th :

This is a good news that you dont need to be worried too much regarding your health because you have possessed a huge amount of immunity which may help you to fight against all kinds of elements. You have also the capacity to recover yourself from the any kind of diseases. But there is a tendency that you may suffer from the nervous break-down due to your excessive work pressure. So always try to take the maximum rest and at least 8 hours sleep in a day. You also take the nutritious food to keep yourself fit and fine.


All shades of gold are favourable for those who are working in the private sectors. Purple is lucky for the students. If you have any serious interview related to your new job, you must wear the dresses with the colour of white. But those who have sit for an interview for promotion, must use the dresses, coloured by crme. All shades mauve are fortunate for the business men. Yellow is lucky for the government and private service holders. Brown may bring the luck for the persons who are working at the administrative sectors.

Finance of Person born on december 10th :

You are more or less lucky in terms of financial matter. But the main problem is that you cannot be able to keep some of your money aside from your earnings for your future hard times. There is a possibility that you have to spend a lot of money due to various kind of diseases for your parents. So take almost care of your parents health. You are advised not to lend money tom others because there is a least possibility to get bask money. There is a possibility that you may earn some property from your parental side.

Career of Person born on december 10th :

You may start your career with the field of business. Even you can put your hand into the field of any self- financed organization, whatever it is a large or a small one. The careers of the students are more or less favourable to the students. But if you want to be more successful at your further career, you have to be more attentive towards your proposed study. There is a possibility that you may get success at the literary fields. You have possessed the great imagination power and with the help of this talent you may able to be successful as a writer, poet, or a special critic.

Famous Persons born on december 10th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Gregg Berger 10/12/1950
Renato Birolli 10/12/1905
Kenneth Branagh 10/12/1960
Martha Brummett 10/12/1952
Oskar Burgbacher 10/12/1925
Ada Byron 10/12/1815
Agostino Chigi 10/12/1466
Elizabeth Condon 10/12/1942
Doris Cross 10/12/1906
Aggie Damron 10/12/1945
Susan Dey 10/12/1952
Emily Dickinson 10/12/1830
Cesar Auguste Franck 10/12/1822
Gillian Helfgott 10/12/1931
Maharaj Ji 10/12/1957
Olivier Messiaen 10/12/1908
Sarina Mineo 10/12/1941
Amedeo Nazzari 10/12/1907
John H Nelson 10/12/1903
Sharon Lee Percy 10/12/1944
Valerie Jeanne Percy 10/12/1944
Richard Poirier 10/12/1947
Betty Ramsey 10/12/1941
Eva Robbins 10/12/1958
Sir Philip Sidney 10/12/1554
Tisha Sterling 10/12/1944
Harry Strait 10/12/1898
Tara Sutphen 10/12/1958
Marian Talley 10/12/1906
Nicholas Teague 10/12/1970
Luciana Vendramini 10/12/1969
Williams Jr 10/12/1919
George J. Lewis 10/12/1903
Amedeo Nazzari 10/12/1907
Rhea Mitchell 10/12/1909
Sylvia Coleridge 10/12/1909
Clegg Hoyt 10/12/1910
Harry Locke 10/12/1913
Hal Baylor 10/12/1918
Shelley Hull 10/12/1919
Alexander Courage 10/12/1919
Reginald Rose 10/12/1920
Agnes Nixon 10/12/1922
Sheldon Reynolds 10/12/1923
Sy Kravitz 10/12/1924
Patrick Westwood 10/12/1924
Tony Wright 10/12/1925
Harry Fowler 10/12/1926
Lois Laurel 10/12/1927
Barbara Nichols 10/12/1928
John Colicos 10/12/1928
Una Merkel 10/12/1928
Dorothy Lamour 10/12/1931
Crystal Field 10/12/1934
Jaromil Jires 10/12/1935
Shûji Terayama 10/12/1935
Howard Smith 10/12/1936
Michael Selsman 10/12/1936
Ron Frazier 10/12/1939
Christian Braad Thomsen 10/12/1940
Tommy Kirk 10/12/1941
Mako 10/12/1941
Chad Stuart 10/12/1941
Peter Michael Goetz 10/12/1941
Ken Campbell 10/12/1941
Teddy Wilson 10/12/1943
Leon Delroy Williams 10/12/1944
Tisha Sterling 10/12/1944
Luisina Brando 10/12/1945
Peter Hüttner 10/12/1945
Catherine Hiegel 10/12/1946
Yuriy Tsurilo 10/12/1946
Maria Grimm 10/12/1946
Isabel Mestres 10/12/1947
Dick Israel 10/12/1947
Martyn Whitby 10/12/1949
Holly De Jong 10/12/1950
Tatsuya Gashûin 10/12/1950
Harold Gould 10/12/1950
Bill Cardille 10/12/1952
Susan Dey 10/12/1952
Clive Anderson 10/12/1952
David Hunt 10/12/1953
Tommy Rettig 10/12/1954
Frank Senger 10/12/1954
Christopher Disney Miller 10/12/1954
Camelia Kath 10/12/1954
Ross Shafer 10/12/1954
Paul Keenan 10/12/1955
Sergey Koltakov 10/12/1955
Chet Huntley 10/12/1956
Catherine Parks 10/12/1956
Michael Snow 10/12/1956
Annie Belle 10/12/1956
Michael Clarke Duncan 10/12/1957
Ray Collins 10/12/1957
Kevin Arkadie 10/12/1957
David Avalon 10/12/1958
Eva Robins 10/12/1958
John J. York 10/12/1958
Raghuvaran 10/12/1958
Dan Blocker 10/12/1959
Burke Moses 10/12/1959
Keith Jayne 10/12/1960
Michael Schoeffling 10/12/1960
Rati Agnihotri 10/12/1960
Kenneth Branagh 10/12/1960
Kôichi Satô 10/12/1960
Scott Capurro 10/12/1962
Edith González 10/12/1964
Mark Moseley 10/12/1964
Bobby Flay 10/12/1964
Evgenia Dodina 10/12/1964
Greg Giraldo 10/12/1965
J. Mascis 10/12/1965
Jennifer Nitsch 10/12/1966
Arnold Pinnock 10/12/1967
Michael Su 10/12/1967
Deborah Frances-White 10/12/1967
Maged El Kedwany 10/12/1967
Amanda Anka 10/12/1968
Monika Foris Kvasnicková 10/12/1969
Stephen Billington 10/12/1969
Regula Grauwiller 10/12/1970
Susanna Reid 10/12/1970
Matthew Jason Walsh 10/12/1970
Andrea Canning 10/12/1972
Tara Subkoff 10/12/1972
Arden Myrin 10/12/1973
Beth Lacke 10/12/1974
Meg White 10/12/1974
Etty Lau 10/12/1974
Staci B. Flood 10/12/1974
Raphaël Lenglet 10/12/1975
Laïla Marrakchi 10/12/1975
Andrea Henkel 10/12/1977
Rita Rani Ahuja 10/12/1978
Gloria Loring 10/12/1978
Summer Phoenix 10/12/1978
Anjana Sukhani 10/12/1978
Neda Rahmanian 10/12/1978
Jane Scarlett 10/12/1979
Hilary Shepard 10/12/1980
T.J. McInturff 10/12/1980
Lucy Boyle 10/12/1980
Alberto Zeni 10/12/1980
Monika Gossmann 10/12/1981
Paula Vesala 10/12/1981
Caleb Ross 10/12/1981
Margaret Ratliff 10/12/1981
Malla Malmivaara 10/12/1982
Maliah Michel 10/12/1983
Joseph Cure 10/12/1983
Patrick John Flueger 10/12/1983
Xavier Samuel 10/12/1983
Stella Keitel 10/12/1985
Alain Van Goethem 10/12/1985
Kim Sears Murray 10/12/1987
Christopher Giroux 10/12/1987
James Tratas 10/12/1988
Houston Mack 10/12/1989
Olivia Scott-Taylor 10/12/1991
Alysse Hallali 10/12/1991
Marina Wolf 10/12/1991
Melissa Roxburgh 10/12/1992
Gabriela Spanic 10/12/1992
Burak Arslan 10/12/1993
Alicia von Rittberg 10/12/1993
Rorie Stockton 10/12/1993
Kayli Mills 10/12/1994
Brian Molko 10/12/1995
Thomas Doret 10/12/1996
Conner Dwelly 10/12/1998
Alina Kukushkina 10/12/2002
Ben Nicholas 10/12/2003
Brandon Novak 10/12/2003

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