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Characteristics of Person born on august 19th :

You have an extremely independent spirit. You must control all your dictated power. You have a great tenacity of purpose and will power and if once you set your mind on some plan, purpose or position, you usually reach your goal in spite of all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. However you must be always actively employed. If circumstances deny your activity, you often become morbid and disappointed. Though you may make good numbers of friend, often you feel lonely and isolated in your life and if not meaningfully employed, you become melancholy and sad at heart.

You have a great passion to do something for your country. So you may be a great leader or a great soldier. You always like to govern over the financial condition. You also possess the quality to be a n authority of the common public and even any government sector. You usually attempt the most daring and difficult thing ant it may help you to make such experiences related to unusual and peculiar affair. You are a person of great determination and with the help of this you may able to achieve any kind of purposes you have. You are also a person of extreme patient and enduring, but if aroused, you know no fear and do not know even when you meet defeat or acknowledge it when you do.

You may make a number of enemies with the help of your candid speech. You may be fond of receiving honour and respect from others and you may also likely to be drawn into some form of political life. You may have some likes and dislikes and you may be inclined to violent attachments and you may be likely to make a n early union or marriage. Though you have the quality of extreme patience, you sometimes may be easily angered. But it is also true that it may disappoint very quickly. Your nature is an extremely unique and passionate one. You are capable of quietly doing and enormous amount of work and it may possible due to your uncountable energy and your great passion for work.

You are really independent in your views and original at your ideas. You like to move forwards towards the enterprising spirit. You are really ambitious and determined to carry out you plan and you will do everything to give a proper success of your plan and ideas. You have promise to yourself that you are likely to be a successful industrialist. It will give you bright, sunny, happy dispositions at the concerned of your economic condition and social status. You possess a magnetic personality and with the help of this you may able to attract the others specially the people who will come in contact with you.

Friends of Person born on august 19th :

The persons who are born on the month of January and later middle part of July may be your very good friends. You may also select your life partner from these people. You may get few good school-friends and college friends too. But most of them may not be with you after passing your due courses. You may get a favourable boss at your working field and it is especially applicable who are with the private sector. The persons who are working at the government sector may able to get few supportive and cooperative colleagues. The persons of November may be very harmful for you. So try to stay yourself apart from these particular people.

Health of Person born on august 19th :

You may be liable to have troubles with the digestive organs and intestines. So you are advised to maintain a good and proper diet chart throughout your life and you must take your food in time also. This process may help you to produce a sound health. You also need a regular and proper exercise. At times you may be liable to experience a twitching of the nerves in the face or eyes, which may be warning signals of over tasking your mental strength. So you must not take unnecessary mental pressure. This may be a reason of your nervous breakdown and it also affects your brain very strongly. You may run the risk of exhaustion if you do not study yourself as one would some intricate piece of machinery.

Colour: for Person born on august 19th :

All shades of green colour are favourable for those who are related to the artistic life. These colours may bring fortune and a prosperous career for you. Those who are involved with the teaching profession must wear the dress of crme colour, especially at your vital days. If you have any service interview, you may wear the dress coloured by white. These colours may bring luck for you. All shades of dove-grey may be the lucky colour for those who are related to the social affairs and politics. With these colours you may able to achieve your desired popularity. The all shades of red colour are favourable for students. Crimson is lucky for the lawyers. If you are suffering from disappointment, you may use the dress of light rose colour. If you have an intension to seek the interest of your opposite gender towards you, you must wear the dress of any kind electric colours.

Finance of Person born on august 19th :

You may able to earn a lot of money during you whole years. The money may come from the usual and as well as from the unusual ways. Likewise you may spoil your earning money with the help of many usual and unusual ways. It may happen because you are the persons who dont have the tension of the future. But you are advised to remove such bad habit. You will gain some of your parental property which may make your financial condition more prominent than earlier and it may help you make your life at your latter part of your life. The persons, who are related to the business, may able to earn a huge amount of money. There is also a probability that you may suffer from any great financial losses.

Career of Person born on august 19th :

You may start your career with the field of business. This field may bring you a good luck in terms of financial condition. But be careful before confirming any serious and important deal related to your business. Otherwise there would be great chance of great loss. So think twice before confirming any deal regarding your business. The students will able to achieve their desired goal with the help of their own creative creativity and ideas. The persons who are related to the fields of literature also may able to gain their name and through it they may able to achieve their desired financial goals.

Famous Persons born on august 19th

They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Agnes Anne Abbot 19/08/1897
Randy Baldwin 19/08/1967
Maurice Barres 19/08/1862
Bernard Baruch 19/08/1870
William Bulloch 19/08/1868
Coco Chanel 19/08/1883
Bill Clinton 19/08/1946
Emily Carrie Cole 19/08/1988
James Gould Cozzens 19/08/1903
Laurel Crawford 19/08/1898
Joseph Leonce Di Mambro 19/08/1924
John Dryden 19/08/1631
Madame Du Barry 19/08/1743
John F Egan 19/08/1958
Alphonse Joseph Georges 19/08/1875
Wilson J Goode 19/08/1938
Tipper Gore 19/08/1948
Kitzi Greene 19/08/1928
Hickey Isabel M 19/08/1903
Willem Koppejan 19/08/1913
Lardner Jr 19/08/1915
Giovanni Meneghini 19/08/1895
Harry F Mills 19/08/1913
Frederic Ogden Nash 19/08/1902
Cindy 1955 Nelson 19/08/1955
Randi Oakes 19/08/1951
Debra Paget 19/08/1933
Giuletta Raccagnelli 19/08/1962
Gene Roddenberry 19/08/1921
Juliet Rubin 19/08/1987
Gerard Schwarz 19/08/1947
Mario Scubla 19/08/1953
Aric Phillip Seidel 19/08/1952
Willy Shoemaker 19/08/1931
St 19/08/1940
Jason Starke 19/08/1967
Roger Stephane 19/08/1919
Amber Swartz-Garcia 19/08/1980
Collier Young 19/08/1908
Franco Corsaro 19/08/1900
June Collyer 19/08/1906
Humphrey Jennings 19/08/1907
Collier Young 19/08/1908
Barry Kelley 19/08/1908
Patience Collier 19/08/1910
Charlie Hall 19/08/1920
Gene Roddenberry 19/08/1921
David Lodge 19/08/1921
Pasquale Cajano 19/08/1921
Marilyn Harris 19/08/1924
Zara Nutley 19/08/1924
Marilee Phelps 19/08/1926
Hugh Dickson 19/08/1927
Roberta Haynes 19/08/1927
Laurette Luez 19/08/1928
Harris Katleman 19/08/1928
Brian Roper 19/08/1929
Frank McCourt 19/08/1930
Claude Dauphin 19/08/1930
Marianne Koch 19/08/1931
Rosita Arenas 19/08/1933
Guy Grosso 19/08/1933
Robert Towers 19/08/1936
Robert Graham 19/08/1938
Ginger Baker 19/08/1939
Johnny Nash 19/08/1940
Jeanne Valérie 19/08/1941
Tony Roper 19/08/1941
Ray Cooper 19/08/1942
Fred Dalton Thompson 19/08/1942
Robert Frank Telfer 19/08/1944
John Roselius 19/08/1944
Lung Ti 19/08/1946
Randall Robinson 19/08/1946
Christopher Malcolm 19/08/1946
Susana Miranda 19/08/1947
Tipper Gore 19/08/1948
Jim Carter 19/08/1948
Brenda Hampton 19/08/1951
Lillian Müller 19/08/1951
John Deacon 19/08/1951
Randi Oakes 19/08/1951
Hugh Edwards 19/08/1951
Geraldine Keams 19/08/1951
Jonathan Frakes 19/08/1952
William Marshall 19/08/1952
Nanni Moretti 19/08/1953
L.Q. Jones 19/08/1955
Peter Gallagher 19/08/1955
Gerald McRaney 19/08/1955
Adam Arkin 19/08/1956
Martin Donovan 19/08/1957
Darby Hinton 19/08/1957
Mary Jo Eustace 19/08/1957
Bill Anagnos 19/08/1958
Anthony Munoz 19/08/1958
Candy Ann Brown 19/08/1958
Derya Alabora 19/08/1959
Gustavo Santaolalla 19/08/1960
Ville Virtanen 19/08/1961
Michael Massimino 19/08/1962
Valérie Kaprisky 19/08/1962
Tammy Bruce 19/08/1962
Stu 'Large' Riley 19/08/1963
Darcy DeMoss 19/08/1963
Matthew Glave 19/08/1963
Robbie Vinton 19/08/1964
Kyra Sedgwick 19/08/1965
Hemant Birje 19/08/1965
Lee Ann Womack 19/08/1966
Lilián García 19/08/1966
Daniel Grou 19/08/1967
John M. Cusimano 19/08/1967
Tabitha Soren 19/08/1967
Lucy Briers 19/08/1967
Nandana Sen 19/08/1967
Viveka Davis 19/08/1969
Patrick Van Horn 19/08/1969
Yvette Nelson 19/08/1969
Nate Dogg 19/08/1969
Torkel Petersson 19/08/1969
John Crowley 19/08/1969
Ian Gillan 19/08/1969
Doug Langdale 19/08/1969
Fat Joe 19/08/1970
Shannon McCormick 19/08/1971
Sammi Cheng 19/08/1972
Ahmed Best 19/08/1973
Tasma Walton 19/08/1973
Amy Harber 19/08/1973
Adéla Gondíková 19/08/1973
Steffanie Busey 19/08/1974
Lani Gelera 19/08/1975
James P. Bennett 19/08/1975
Holly Eglinton 19/08/1975
Tracie Thoms 19/08/1975
Pablo Larraín 19/08/1976
Christy McGinity Gibel 19/08/1977
Sara Martins 19/08/1977
Rashaad Ernesto Green 19/08/1978
Govind Nihalani 19/08/1978
Shalom Michaelshwilli 19/08/1978
Joey Tempest 19/08/1979
Angus Scrimm 19/08/1979
Chris Carney 19/08/1980
Craig Robert Bruss 19/08/1980
Adam Campbell 19/08/1980
Sweta Keswani 19/08/1980
Aaron Horvath 19/08/1980
Dean Fujioka 19/08/1980
Darius Campbell 19/08/1980
Tara Gerard 19/08/1981
Melissa Fumero 19/08/1982
Erika Christensen 19/08/1982
Francesca Comencini 19/08/1982
Stipe Miocic 19/08/1982
Mel Eslyn 19/08/1983
Tammin Sursok 19/08/1983
Peter Mooney 19/08/1983
Ashley Eriksson 19/08/1984
Hope Cervantes 19/08/1984
Briana Venskus 19/08/1984
Simon Bird 19/08/1984
Micah Alberti 19/08/1984
J. Evan Bonifant 19/08/1985
Morgana O'Reilly 19/08/1985
Asami 19/08/1985
Diana Muldaur 19/08/1986
Christina Perri 19/08/1986
Marianne Miller 19/08/1987
Lewis Lovhaug 19/08/1987
Paula Jai Parker 19/08/1987
Natasha Slayton 19/08/1988
Veronica Roth 19/08/1988
Alan Metter 19/08/1988
Thiago Martins 19/08/1988
Travis Tedford 19/08/1988
Danny Lacy 19/08/1989
Romeo Miller 19/08/1989
Brock O'Hurn 19/08/1991
Matt Shipman 19/08/1992
Lindsey Dresbach 19/08/1992
Eugene Ashe 19/08/1995
Joseph Castanon 19/08/1997
Tristan Lake Leabu 19/08/1999
Callum Blue 19/08/2003

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