Predict Lucky Gemstone for you

Our body is the gist of 5 natural fundamentals, i.e. Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Akash (Space) and Bayu (Wind). It is the main reason why the position of a planet has direct control over human soul and body.

Astrologists opine that people face problems in their life owing to malefic location of planets in their chart of birth. Long ago Jyotishis discovered remedies to lessen the control of inauspicious planet through their research. Since then people are using GEMSTONE as its remedy. It reduces the malefic effort of a planet. It is not only a glossy stone but also possess phenomenal strength.

Business Astrology There are many GEMSTONES. Each and every GEMSTONE has unique feature and related to different planet. Moreover GEMSTONE is capable of absorbing power from particular planet with which it is associated. Due to this reason Jyotishis (Astrologists) suggest specific GEMSTONE to an individual. Hence people are advised to consult with a Gemologist or an Astrologer before wearing GEMSTONE. After soaking up helpful energy from the particular planet GEMSTONE shifts the same into our body. This helpful power builds combination with the 5 essential elements of our body. Thus GEMSTONE makes better health to an individual. An individual will possess a positive approach to the life owing to a strong body and soul. After wearing a GEMSTONE individual will surmount over all the problems. Since then he or she will enjoy a happy family life. He or she will get assist in need. Sapphire enhances individual’s fondness to his or her responsibility. There is a possibility that individual may get reward for his or her acts. Respect is one more thing which an individual gains from the society. Hence, individual must take appropriate GEMSTONE as per his or her Moon Sign. Inapt GEMSTONE will enhance the malefic outcome to an individual.

Various Gemstones can be suggested depending on the lord of important houses of ones’ birth chart. For example, Ascendant or first house of an individual’s birth-chart is related to body and mind. An individual has to create the Ascendant powerful to achieve peace. If ascendant is (say) be Pisces then Lord of the 1st Ascendant is the planet Jupiter. Therefore an individual must try Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj). Once the Ascendant house turns powerful an individual will start of getting positive outcomes. It prevents an individual from health problems. Individual will be able to take suitable decision in his or her life. The native will get victory over his or her desire. Since then native starts thinking positively. Thus native brings peace in his or her mind. 10th house’s Lord is the planet Jupiter. It is the house of income. In this case, Pukhraj will provide native the positive outcome. In fact, Yellow Sapphire will provide an individual victory for his or her firmness and hard work in professional area. Only then native will be able to calm his or mind. Thus an individual gets happiness and mental peace. Yellow Sapphire is very much suitable for children as they can make good results in study. If a native possess children then he or she will be proud of having a cute relationship with his or her kids. Native may also use the substitute of Yellow Sapphire and it will also provide him or her same outcome. Similarly for other important auspicious houses Gemstones can be predicted.