Lal Kitab Report

Pundit Giridhari Lal Sharma has written a book, named “Red Book” in the Urdu language some of the main results of astrology have been mention in this book. There has been given a main face of practical astrology it means the commencing numbers in the hem have been abolished in every person’s horoscope.

Example, the birth time of a person is pieces, and the sun is in the Gemini and situated in the 4th house and the mars is in the 9th house then in the time, Virgo will be in the 4th house and nothing will be seen in the 6th, 11th, and 9th house. Sun will be in the 4th house and mars will in the 9th house. The author of ‘Red Book’ has admitted the presence of these planets of these houses. Example given 1st house is sun’s house, 2nd house is Jupiter,3rd house is mar’s, 4th house is moon’s, 5th house is Jupiter’s, 6th house is ketu’s, 7th house is venus’s,8th house is Saturn’s and mar’s also, 9th house is Jupiter’s, 10th house is Saturn’s, 11th house is Jupiter’s and 12th house is rahu’s. Mainly the functional planets of the astrological house are considered as the representatives of these houses.

When sun is found debilitated in anyone’s horoscope or if the person gets affected, suffers from pain feels pain in ayes, mainly in the right eye, suffers from heart diseases, or stomach related problems by sun’s ominous effect then give away molasses, or utensils made of copper. Everyone should know sun related things are red. The reader very well knows that sun is the incarnation of lord Vishnu. Then it is considered to worship lord Vishnu early morning, go through the ‘Vishnu Sohoshro Namaboli’ or read ‘Horibongsho Puran’ as best. For this the problem related to sun gets solved According to the author of ‘Red Book’ the person whose sun is exhausted, he takes salt in a little amount and the person whose sun is debilitated, he takes salt in a big amount.

When sun aspects the 7th house, the person gets affected badly. It is considered as ominous. If there is Aries (permanent) in the time, then sun becomes of debilitated zodiac sign in the 7th house. Here is a solution. Extinguish fine at night with milk. Its meaning is, as sun is the protagonist of fine theory, that’s why trying to make it cool with water and milk. As we all know if we pour water into fire, the effects of fire get reduced. In the case of state if the sun affects a person then the person should take in molasses with water. In astrology, the relation of mars is with sweet honey. For the mixture of sweet and water the mars-moon and the sun become friends. In this way, for the help of friends one can get rid of the sorrows, pains given by sun.

Sun: if the sun is in the 10th house (naturally in the Capricorn) and provides sorrows with the things related to the sun, then the way to solve this is to drop copper coins in the water with streams. For this one can get good result. Keep it in mind that copper is the metal of sun and Capricorn is a moving zodiac. The sorrow of human beings is vanished like wave by giving something away to the sun.

Moon: everyone known it very well that there is a relation between silver and moon. Moon provides pains, problems related to it after talking place in any house of the horoscope. As example if someone mother gets hurt, or she becomes ill, or she suffers from depression or lung related diseases or there is a lost of property for the effect of moon then drops silver in the river as it is a representative of moon, Your all pain, sorrows will disappear with the streams. When moon affects us then the way to sort this out, is keep a bowl containing milk or water in the night in front of the head while going to sleep and in the morning pour it in the banyan tree. Here it has seen informed to give away and keep away from the things (water, milk, silver) related to the moon.

There is relation of moon with water and milk, and lord Shiva is putting the moon on in his head. Therefore there is a direct connection between moon and lord Shiva.

So, when moon will affect then it will be good to Rudra or chant lord Shiva’s “Mohimna srot”. It will also be good to pour water or milk in lord Shiva’s head.

When moon is considered to be malefic in someone’s time, then the person should not sell milk. Milk is the researches of moon and selling milk means getting deprived of the moon’s grace. This person should put on water, rice or silver.

One should be careful about the natural zodiac signs in the third house. If moon is considered to be malefic in the third house then the person should confer cloths of green color to girls. In the third house natural number 3 belongs to mercury. Keep it in mind that the third zodiac sign Gemini belongs to mercury and the color green belongs to mercury. Mercury represents cloths also. That is why if one can be careful about the third sign then he can get to the solution.

If moon is considered to be malefic in the house of mother then do not apply milk. Don’t take in milk in the night. It will give good result to the person if he feed milk the poor peoples.

If moon is considered to be malefic in the tenth house then do not take in milk in the night. If someone does this then the loss will be increased. For this reason it is said that the person will get profit if he takes off or confers those things which are related to that thing that hurts the person. And if the person takes in those things then the result will be opposite.

If moon situating in the 11th house, affects or hurts then the way to get rid of this is to confer milk in any temple. In this way the moon in natural way belongs to the Aquarius which is the zodiac sign of Saturn, the enemy of moon, in the 11th house. That is why the person is told to confer milk which is related to the moon and bairava which is the master of Saturn or Aquarius.


The natural rule for the mars is, if mars is considered to be malefic or if mars spreads its bad effect then the person should confer sweet tanduri bread. If someone drops rebri in water he can get good result. Someone can feed sweets as charity. The person can get good result by levitating sweet in water. Worship lord hanuman, the god of mars. Give away molasses as Prasad. Confer cinnabar and garlands. Take in Prasad.


When mercury affects situating in its own place then the person should burn cowries and take the ashes and drop in the water. In this way he will get good result. Make hole in the copper coins and dropping it in the river one can get good result. A person can get the best result by conferring mung.

The person should put on emerald. The god of mercury is goddess Durga. When mercury becomes malefic then the person should chant “saptashoti” means “Durga saptashoti”. The person should worship goddess durga. The person should keep fast for “navaratri”. The person whose mercury is considered to be malefic he should cut his nose. In this way he can get good result. The person should clean his teeth with alum. The person can get good result if he serves unmarried girl or if he worships unmarried girl.

If the person is suffering from diseases for the mischievousness of the mercury then the person should give away in the temples that type of gourd with what the confectioner makes sweets. If mercury, situating in its own place, affects then the ominous effect of mercury will fall on mars, the master of the natural zodiac sign Aries of the time. The effect will not fall on the functional planet of the first house sun. so it will be profitable to confer things related to mars. To get rid of the anger of mercury one can give away goat also.

If mercury is ominous in the seventh house then its symbol will be, the sister and the wife of the person will get hurt very much.


When Jupiter becomes too much ominous then take one rupees from each and every person of the family, even from the persons with whom you have blood relation, and then give the collected money away in a temple. In this way the person can get rid of the bad effect of Jupiter. To make Jupiter satisfied one can do charity in temples, he can get good result by implanting banyan tree. The person also can confer turmeric, gold, pulse, yellow flower, yellow color, books etc. the god of Jupiter is lord bramha but if someone can not get the pleasure of having child for the ominous effect of Jupiter then the person should worship ‘stri hori’.


If Venus situates in a ominous state in the horoscope of a person then if the person feed a cow saving food from his own food then he can get good result. By doing charity of cows, feeding cows can get a man good result. A person should confer ghee, curd, clothes, camphor, accoutrement, pearl etc. save woman to get the best result. The god of Venus is maa laxmi. That is why the person should worship goddess laxmi to destroy the effect of Venus, he should also chant ‘srijukta’. Then the person can get the best result.


When Saturn is destructive in the horoscope of a person then the person should feed the fishes wheat. In this case if the person feed crows food saving from his own food then he can get good result. To get rid of the effects of Saturn the person should confer biuli dal with peels, oil, iron, leather, stone etc. the god of Saturn is lord shiva. The person also can give away mangoes, spoons, alcohol, spirit etc to get rid of the influence of Saturn.


On accordance of the horoscope of the person, if rahu situates in an ominous place, then the person can get good result by floating coconut in water. All type of faults of rahu gets vanished for floating in the water. If there is seen crumble then the person should wash barely with the urine of cow and then keep it in a red cloth. And the person also should clean his teeth with the urine of cow. It is considered to be easeful to confer radish. It also can be considered as best and profiting to confer coal in the river. The person can confer mustard and amethyst to rahu. There is relation of coal, childless person, ears, Scorpio and the roof of the house with the Saturn. If rahu becomes ominous in eighth house then drop coins in the river, then the person can get peace.


If ketu is considered as ominous in the horoscope of a person then the person can get good result if he feeds a dog. Ketu is considered as dog. In the case of conferring the thing related to ketu the person can give away sesame also. The god of ketu is lord ganesha. If the son of the person behaves very rudely for the ominous effects of ketu then the person can give away rugs in the temples to get rid of the ominous fury of ketu. If there is seen problem in legs or urination then the person should put on pearl plated with silver with a yarn of pure silk, to get an auspicious result.

Here ketu is considered as dog and he is also considered as son. That is why in the matter of feeding a dog the author says that if there comes any problem on the son, then the son will be saved by a person who is related to house. If there is no person like him then the person should wear that type of things which will fulfill the place of that person. It is very important. When Jupiter is in the twelfth house the person will lead his days and nights very happily till his father or grandfather lives. After their death the person will have to put on things related to Jupiter to sleep at night. As example, keep pulse, kesar, cheakpea with you or you can put on gold also. It helps to have a good sleep.

If the moon is ominous in the eleventh house then the mother of the person should visit another place when the wife of the person starts feeling liver pain. The mother of the person should not see the face of the new born bay till fifty two days. The reason for this, is if the moon aspects the fifth house then the new born baby will get hurt for this. If the mother keeps herself away from the new born baby then moon will not be able to influence the baby.

Like this if mars becomes evil then the person should bring up his sister in law and he should also take care of her. It has relation with the ninth house. Because in this case the third house is of his brother and the seventh house of the third is of his wife. If mars becomes evil to Taurus in the second house then there can be seen a possibility of being childless for its fourth vision on the fifth house. But if this person brings up and serves his family members then he will not be childless. Second house is the house of the relatives. So, he should serve them.

When Saturn is in the fifth house and sun is I the zodiac sign Leo then if the person makes house then the son will definitely get affected. If the person makes house then it will happen to them but if the son of the person makes house then this things will not happen to them. When Saturn is in the fifth house ( Saturn is the master of west part) then if the person keeps things related to the enemy planet of Saturn in the west part of his paternal house then the bad effects of Saturn gets dimmed. Things of sun, the enemy of Saturn are molasses, wheat, copper, buffalos etc.

According to the author of planets, if there is another planet in the seventh house in respect of the house where the planet situates then the first house will get advantage. Example: when Saturn is in the 10th house then the 4th house gets advantage of it. If sun is in the seventh in respect of the Jupiter then sun gets advantage of it. Example: but it happens till the time when the things which belong to seventh are not made yet.