Know your Moon Sign Or Rashi

Moon Sign or Rashi is the zodiac sign where Moon is placed at the birth time of the native. Apparently we know that, zodiac is having an elliptical shape. But in order to carry on with various calculations of astrology, the elliptical shape is considered as circle. Thus, it becomes really easy to calculate if the circumference is taken as 360 degree. When the elliptical is divided into 12 equal parts, each one is known as rashi. The birth of rashi is evenly situated with the position of moon.

What is your Rashi ? What does it means to you? In Vedic astrology Rashi or Moon sign can reveal many information related to your personality, characters, nature, behavior, likes or dislikes and your qualities. These information can drive you to choose right path in your life. Also helps predicting your current fate as Moon is the most influential planet on one’s life as it is the nearest body from planet earth.

Moon sign or Rashi plays a major role determining compatibility of the native with everyone the person deals with. It may me the relation with Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Wife, Lovers, Friends, Elders, Business partners, Boss, neighbors, etc. Moon sign or Rashi compatibility helps to choose a long term relationship between two persons in Indian Vedic astrology.
Calculate Moon Sign Rashi
As per Indian Vedic Astrology, Rashi or Moon SIgn determines one's Nature or Charecter, likes, dislikes, life path, luck, mental compatibility with person born in other Rashis.

Without knowing your Rashi, you can not preceed in Indian Astrology. Indian astrologers provides monthly or daily prediction based on your Rashi or Moon signs.

Indian Astrologer often considers Moon Sign or Rashi as first house and then calculates the Gochar or Transit results to predict the current time and various aspects of life with respect to the current transit (gochar) events.

Most of the predictions in Moonastro is done using Indian astrology based pon moon sign or Rashi of the native. You can calculate your Moon Sign or Rashi here in moonastro for free ...