Acharya Pragyashree

Acharya Pragyashree
Specialist in Vedic Astrology, Palmistry and Vastu.
Experience : 15+ years

Acharya Pragyashree has started her career from a educational background. Astrology attracted her on later age and got influenced by many renouned astrologers in India. This inspired her to get admitted in the College of Jyotirvidya. She learnt the Vedic Astrology, Palmistry and Vastu. She got specialized in Vastu, Palmistry. She uses Vedic Astrology for the accurate prediction and having huge experience and followers in India. Her style of astrology is modern and she is very successful in astrology career with large dedicated fans. She is in this profession for more than 15 years, during this time she has helped many of her clients by resolving their problems. She is renowned writer on astrology articles in various popular astro magazines.

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