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This is a Premium quality small size oval shaped Tiger Eye. The most common size of Tiger Eye of this category is a range between 7 to 8.5 carat. This product is lab tested and 100% natural. Tiger Eye is useful for the planet Ketu.
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Tiger eye is a mysterious gem used as a remedy of Ketu and Jupiter in Indian astrology. This is a great little Gem looks like an eye ball of a Tiger depends on its cut. This gem is very useful when Ketu is in conjunction with Jupiter or in opposition. It is also proven to be a great remedy for KETU. It is found that it is having lots of healing powers and removes many diseases from your body.

Tiger eye is a chatoyant gemstone and one of the members of Quartz group. The unique property of the stone is that it seems to be a tigers eye glowing in the dark and also has a huge resemblance to the eyes of the cat family. Less the spots and blemishes on the stone the better its quality. As the stone does not have any side effects, so it can be worn by everyone but basically, it is the planet stone for Ketu which is known as a spiritual planet.

This stone is mainly worn as a ring and can also be used as for protection against the negative vibes of the surrounding.

It makes it easier for the wearer to gain positivity when it matters the most and helps in the advancement of an individual.

It is also said that it saves one from road accidents, debts, and many health related traumas.

Tigers eye stone can lessen the stress and give relief from mental anxiety issues.

As it contains mystical powers, so the gemstone can solve most of your crucial problems and many serious diseases.

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