Star Ruby Standard Quality

This is a Standard quality round shaped Star Ruby with cabochon cut. The most common size of Star Ruby of this category is a range between 10 to 16 carat. This product is lab tested and 100% natural. Star Ruby is a substitute gemstone and useful for the Sun.
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StarRuby is used as the alternative cheap remedy for Sun. It is also an good looking Gemstone for its color in any ornaments. As per astrologers, Star Ruby should be taken as large in size as an alternative. For example if an astrologer recommends 2 carat of Ruby then 4-5 carat of Starruby will be recommended as alternative

Star rubies come in many colors ranging from orangey to pinkish red, brownish red, purplish and many more. One of the main reasons behind color change is content of iron and chromium. Pigeon blood red is the most desirable color which is pure red with hint of blue or violet and this ruby is found only in Myanmar, Burma. Overall, star ruby is one of the most desirable and valuable colored gemstone that is in great demand nowadays. Rubies are highly beneficial for those people who are born in July and even people celebrate their 15th and 40th anniversaries with this precious ruby.

In the Vedic astrology, gemstones are advisable to worn on basis of your horoscope or as per your birthday chart. One of the main reasons of wearing prescribed gemstones is that it is often believed that the person who is wearing it can overcome many obstacles in his/her life. Oninternet you can find many gemstones which are commonly worn formany astrological purposes along with information about in which finger they should be worn on and most importantly on which week day and along with this, in which metal itshould be mounted.Star ruby is one of the stones that you can help you out and help in lowering your stress, tension and many related issues.

Star ruby can also be wear by individuals of different zodiac signs, thus it is beneficial for all zodiac signs like Gemini, cancer, Scorpio, Leo, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn.

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