Ruby – New Burma Medium Size

This is a Standard quality medium size oval shaped New Burma Ruby. The most common size of Ruby of this category is a range between 4.25 to 5.5 carat. This product is lab tested and 100% natural. Ruby is useful for the Sun.
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Ruby is used as the primary remedy for Sun. It is also an premium Gemstone for its color and hardness. Its quality is depends on its deep color and transparency without. As per astrologers, Higher quality but small in size Ruby found to be more effective than lower quality and large size of ruby

Natural ruby commonly known as Manikya gemstone is very popular amongst precious stones and its fine qualities attracts most of the people around the world. The cherishing attributes of the stone capable of making life luxurious are just magnificent. According to the Vedic astrology, the ruby gem is administered by the Sun, the zodiac king. This precious gem belongs to that category of stones which can beat colorless diamond in accordance with its value. There are several astrological benefits of a ruby gem all of which blends impressively to provide better lives to people. Here are some of the most exciting advantages of a ruby stone:

Sun being the nurture of the stone boosts the wearer with loads of confidence and break downs the individuals connection with timidity. For those people who find difficulty in facing public and fail to get energetic insight for bringing accuracy in life, a natural ruby is very helpful as powerful waves from the sun adds each of the missing aspect and collectively bring signs of great success.

The wearer of ruby gem earns support from people who belong to his/her work place, community and the family. People generally feel lost when they find no one standing up for them during critical situations and this gem is a perfect one to overcome such issues.

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