This is a Standard quality round shaped Pearl. The most common size of Pearl of this category is a range between 7 to 15 carat. This product is lab tested and 100% natural. Pearl is useful for the planet Moon.
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Pearl is used as the primary remedy for Moon. White Pearl used as pure remedy or moon but rest of the colors are combined remedy. For example, golden Pearl is used for Moon and Jupiter together, pink Pearl is used for Moon and Sun together, black Pearl is used for Moon and Ketu together, etc

In Vedic astrology, pearl gem represents the lord of cancer sign of zodiac, the Moon. An individual whose horoscope signifies a maleficent Moon should wear this gemstone with proper method of handling. The Moon is amongst celestial bodies which have a major influence on human mind, hearth, juicy natured plants, menstrual period of women and glitter on their faces. Pearls are the symbol of purity, faith and perfection that boosts individuals integrity and support them in living comfortably. Lets get in deep about some exciting benefits of the pearl gem:

Mental stress is said to be the first enemy of a human being. It always keeps him away from the right track and slowly and steadily takes him closer to difficulties and tough times in life. Such major issues can be tackled with proper use of a pearl gemstone. Pearl strengthens mental power and boosts up gradually and leaves no space for depression.

One of the major characteristics of a pearl gem is its nature of transforming womens worst times into worth living moments.

Using pearl gem in ring form or rosary is quite beneficial as well. When used as rosary, the continuous vibratory strength of the Moon is taken by the wearers aura which makes the individual much protected from any external negative energy. This raises the confidence level of the being and makes him/her fell like energy flowing constantly. Enhancing will power and passion to perform is also a celebrated benefit of a pearl gem.

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