Moon Stone ( Ceylon ) Premium

This is a Premium quality oval mix shaped Moon Stone. The most common size of Moon Stone of this category is a range between 8 to 16 carat. This product is lab tested and 100% natural and comes from Sri Lanka. Moon Stone is useful for the planet Moon.
Weight TypeCarat
ShapeOval Mix
OriginSri Lanka

Moonstone is widely recommended by astrologers as a remedy of Moon when moon is neither in conjunction with any other planet not aspected or in opposition to any other planet. This is a beautiful gem which is used in ornaments as well as very effective

Moonstone is formed by sodium potassium aluminum silicate. The term moonstone is derived from a perceptible effect which was caused by diffraction of light within a micro- frame having orderly series of feldspar layers. Moonstone holds great significance and has been involved with jewellery since ancient period. The Romans appreciated moonstone as they believed that it originated directly from the solidified rays of the Sun. Both the Greeks and the Romans related moonstone with their lunar deities. During the Art Nouveau period, moonstone became very popular and many of the French goldsmiths prepared jewellery in huge quantities using moonstone gem.0

Formation: Orthoclase and albite, two feldspar species get intermingled during the formation of moonstone. When the combined mineral gets cooled, both the species segregate into mounded alternate layers. The mineral then turns into moonstone when light reaches in between tiny layers and get scattered into certain directions.

The chapter of life is not that easy as it looks like. Every human being has to face typical situations as it is none other than a part of life. Astrology and its results have proved that there exists a much possible chance to overcome complex problems that one faces at regular intervals. Astrological experts have presented the best medium of getting rid of such situations in the form of gemstones. Gemstones these days have become very common and most of the people show their valuable trust against astrological beliefs. Pearl is considered to be the perfect stone for Moon.

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