Hessonite – Gomed ( African )

This is a Standard quality Hessonite ( Gomed ) gemstone with emerald cut. The most common size of Hessonite of this category is a range between 8 to 16 carat. This product is lab tested and 100% natural and comes from Africa. Hessonite ( Gomed ) is useful for the planet Rahu.
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Garnet gemstone which is called Gomedh in Hindi. Garnet gemstone is a gem which gets its power from rahu. This is the main remedy available for RAHU. This Gemstone is low priced, yet very effective and serves very important role in Indian astrology

Garnet or Gomed can give the person wearing it a lot of wealth, good health & sudden fortunes. The color of the gemstone is mostly red but it has other colors also like black, blue & purple. Normally it is a mixture of different compounds. The red garnet is made of almandine and pyrope. It is used in Europe from very old age, you can say both during middle age & antiquity. It was used to convert Constantine to Christianity. The stone is meant to be very durable & is discovered in the graves older thousands of years. The stone is used also as jewelry. People associate gemstone with journeys usually. Businessmen, tradesmen, travelling persons carry it a lot. This stone is highly popular in east Africa & Australia. Some samples more than ten feet long red garnet is found there. The garnet which is used for astrological purposes must be Hessonite garnet. It must be worn on (Shukla Paksha) Saturday morning in a silver ring, dipped in milk that is not boiled or gangajal with the use of appropriate mantras. By nature you can call it a cold gem.

● The persons who have sarp dasha like kalsarp dasha are very much helped by the stone. Mainly it is a disorder of fear of snakes. The person who uses the gem for this problem gets a very fast relief from the problem & all its effects.

● Garnet helps to solve harmful effects of Rahu to human like lack of confidence, illusion & other confusing problems which target the mind of a person. After wearing garnet you will get relief from these kinds of mental problems created in rahukaal & your mind will be fresh & balanced.

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